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The Top 5 Senior-Exclusive Traditions at Clemson

Whether you’ve been at Clemson for 4 or 7 years, the time to graduate will eventually come. This word may bring tears to your eyes, or you may be screaming for joy, but regardless this is an exciting time for all of you students about to graduate from college. But before you leave, there are a few things that you need to do. Here’s your Clemson senior bucket list:

5.) Sign “The Book” in Cooper Library:
If you haven’t signed already, there’s a book in the library that Clemson seniors sign before graduating. But, you have to be the one who finds it. Everyone knows that you “hate the library” and all but this time aimlessly wandering through the aisles will be worth it. When you go, take a little something people can remember you by and stick it in those pages. And we don’t mean draw dicks on the pages like you’ve been doing the last four years. 

4.) Bathe in the Reflection Pond:

We’ve all seen pledges and just some random kids make their way across the pond. Whether you decide to be brave and just jump, or extremely bold and take your kayak across… we all know this is something you’ve secretly wanted to do your entire Clemson career. But now you’re a senior and the Clemson Campus Police no longer have jurisdiction over you, so you can do whatever you want! That’s how that works, right?

3.) Read Thomas Green’s Statue:

Even though Thomas Green was notoriously known as being one of “Clemson’s biggest racists,” which is surely a feat, Clemsonites wait until after graduation to read his sign. Why? We’re not sure, we haven’t graduated yet, but maybe it prevents you from graduating or maybe it makes you throw racist Halloween parties. Who knows!

2.) Flip your ring:

For the entirety of your undergraduate, you’ve dreamt about getting that famous Clemson class ring. Once you got it, you showed it off in the most “subtle” of ways. But finally, after graduation you get to flip your class ring outward. To think graduation would ever come, but here you are flipping that ring around like a mf badass graduated person. 

1.) Senior Bar Crawl:
The Senior Bar Crawl is one of the most paradoxically fun and depressing days you’ll live through in your entire LIFE. “Yeah, why tf are we crying right now?” will be your go-to line that day. Sometimes underclassmen sneak into this, but only seniors know the bittersweet feelings of getting drunk in bars they may never see again, crying, then realizing they’re putting the last four years of hell behind them and laughing. It’s a real emotional rollercoaster.  

These last few weeks are going to be full of laughs, tears, beers and many many shots. Before you go off into the real, adult world, make sure to check off all these seniors-only traditions, and tweet us when you do!

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