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Trouble in Paradise: Clemson’s Fav Football Couple Having Issues?

Ho hum, the Tigers beating a ranked team yet again big whoop. Sure no one’s ever beat three top 15 teams in one month but we all knew that we were going to win, but something else happened last game that has the campus abuzz. Yes, the team looked great, but if you watched carefully you might have seen something troubling. Something that affects us all!

Just heartbreaking. We are sad to say there seems to be trouble in paradise. Relationships are not easy. You have to put in the effort day after day. They take time and a lot of energy and it looks like even the most prominent Clemson couple is not immune to these problems.

Coach Venables said it was “an out of body experience,” but is he just playing brave in front of the cameras? Is this a sign of more trouble down the road? Do they even still have that spark?! We can only pray that it’s not as serious as it looks.

Who can forget when get back guy A.K.A Adam Smotherman and Coach Venables relationship went viral. Your Tigers were just kicking the crap out of Oklahoma in the Russell Athletic Bowl and those TV announcers were bored as hell. They needed something juicy. Something to spice up the broadcast because the Sooners were doing a piss poor job.

And that’s when a cameraman got a lucky break. He spotted get back guy and Venables in action. Tale as old as time ref makes a stupid call and coach wants to strangle the ref. In comes Smotherman to yank Venables back and save the sorry referee’s life. The perfect relationship. What could go wrong? Ever since that night it seemed everything was perfect, but were we living a lie?

Smotherman needs Venables and Venables needs Smotherman. He’s one of the most passionate coaches around. Without Smotherman to rein him in, Venables might actually murder a ref. Nothing gets in the way of championship goals like murder charges. We’re not Florida we don’t just sweep that stuff under the rug.

The Tigers get back to work Saturday. It’ll be a beautiful day and homecoming. We play Wake Forest who isn’t as bad as they usually are so this might even be a good game. Too bad we’ll only be able to think about one thing: how are Venables and Smotherman holding up? If things don’t work out Clemson might have to put in a therapist next to the barber shop in that shiny new building.

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