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Game Day Guide for The Clemson vs Virginia Tech Game

4-0 Baby. We took the week off last week talking trash because, well, BC. BC just wasn’t worth the trouble. The team seemed to take the week off too until the fourth quarter. Then Travis Etienne happened. The future is bright for Travis and Clemson fans! This week the Tigers face another hard test up in Blacksburg against Virginia Tech. Lucky for Clemson fans they should be used to playing in big games by now.

Virginia Tech
Year founded: 1872
Mascot: Hokie (which is a turkey, or something)
All-time record vs Clemson: Clemson leads 21-12-1 and has won 4 in a row

The Breakdown:
Virginia Tech started the season off strong by beating West Virginia. Then they played three cupcakes in a row. Clemson has played in three fairly competitive games against better opponents. That should show this Saturday. VT is led by their freshman quarterback Josh Jackson and explosive receiver Cam Phillips. A freshman QB against Clemson’s strong defensive should be interesting. Clemson will be led by a strong running game which will matchup against Hokie defensive coordinator Bud Foster who always seems to have a good defense. This game will be in Blacksburg which is a wild environment especially at night so the Tigers will have their work cut out for them this week.

“Fun” facts about Virginia Tech:
Virginia Tech is known as the Hokies; most people think this is a turkey but it’s not. It comes from some old spirit yell some old person wrote a long time ago. So yeah the backstory is as lame as you would think it would be. The reason they have a turkey for a mascot is they were known as the “gobblers.” Understandably a new coach was hired and he didn’t approve of his players being known as the “gobblers” so he changed it to Hokies for good.

Because the only thing worse than being a Hokie is being a gobbler.

Virginia Tech has a serious lack of notable alumni. Honestly, it’s just sad. The best we could find was noted dog fighting enthusiast Michael Vick and the grandson of President John Tyler. Virginia Tech is a school for losers but they do have a pretty good GameDay environment: Tons of hard parking lots and 30 degree weather. What could beat that!? Not only will you be freezing cold, but your eardrums will be assaulted by Metallica when the “Gobblers” run onto the field. But if that’s not enough to convince you they have a good environment VT fans love to jangle their keys on third down and blare turkey sounds every time they score. Probably the stupidest traditions in the ACC.

This should be an entertaining game Saturday. College GameDay will be there and the game is on primetime ABC at 8. The Tigers will be playing in front of millions of people once again. Hopefully Virginia tech will actually put up a fight unlike Louisville. Maybe their fans will actually stay past halftime. Virginia Tech learned a lesson from Louisville and didn’t plan an embarrassing blackout so they’re already doing better.

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