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What Your Secret Cooper Study Spot Says About You

Finals week is upon us—which means it’s time to pack up your stuff and basically move into Cooper Library for the next several days. Only problem is, most of Clemson’s student body had the exact same idea, meaning that you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to nab a quality study spot. As long as you’re strategizing, read on to find out what your go-to hideaway says about you!

Group Tables on the Top Floor:


If you find yourself up here, then chances are you’re meeting up for a group project and/or planning on not getting very much done. There’s just too much natural lighting and human interaction going on around you to achieve maximum concentration levels. Even so, students who gather up here would rather work at a slower pace than give up either of those things.

Study Desks:


Simple and efficient, these wooden boxes are easy to find and do a fairly good job of cutting out outside distractions (unless you can’t find an outlet for your laptop nearby—then they’re pretty much useless). Students who hunker down in these desks are typically of the more practical sort, if a bit unimaginative.

Pinhole Rooms:


Marginally more hardcore than the study desks, these dingy, claustrophobic, vaguely mental-asylum-esque spaces are also surprisingly difficult to get a hold of since they’re almost always occupied. Those who frequent the pinhole rooms are likely the adventurous type, and are confident enough in their sanity to work for hours while being stared down by the little doodles of dicks scrawled on every wall.

The 2nd Floor Lounge Area:


With its mesh screens and soft chairs, this area is a magnet for people who prefer both studying in comfort and having control over just how much or how little social interaction they get during their study sessions. At peak hours (usually from late evening until the early a.m.) this place becomes the noisiest goddamn place in all of Cooper though, so be warned.

Private Study Room:


For those of us who deserve something a little bit better than everyone else, there are a select few private spaces for you to choose from. Just remember to glare ferociously and with as much entitlement as possible at anyone who dares to enter after you—regardless of whether they’ve reserved the room or not.

The Crypt (AKA – the bottom floor of Cooper):


With no windows and several tons of earth surrounding you on every side, the silence can be deafening throughout this whole floor. Not even the hellish screams of students being crushed between the moving bookcases can be heard from down here. If this is your go-to spot, then you’re among Clemson’s most dedicated students, and we sincerely hope you’re able return to the surface world safely.

Sometimes Cooper will be so over crowded that you won’t even have to worry about choosing your study spot—in which case it just becomes a game of circling around like a vulture until you can snatch up an open seat somewhere. Once you’ve claimed your study spot, remember to bring snacks, bring caffeine, and just keep taking things one day at a time. You’re gonna do great.

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