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How to Deal with Pesky South Carolina Fans this Rivalry Weekend

South Carolina: a university that lost their two preferred names to a school in Southern California because they have been so terrible at sports over the years. Let’s not forget their generally shitty fans. They’re like a chicken with its head cut off, but that doesn’t mean you should feel sorry for them. The key to these guys is being prepared for their act, and shutting them down with facts. Here are a few things to note when dealing with these pesky fans this week.

5.) Remind Them That Their Most Successful Coach has the Same Name as the Field at one of Their Rival Schools:
Every time their team heads down to Florida with coach Muschamp, they know they’re going to the one place that man knows how to lose. (Muschamp was run out of town in Florida for not being able to put together success). To make matters worse, the brightest stretch in your team’s history will be shadowed by the coaches name being on another field.

4.) Their Only Conference Championship is in The ACC:
Next time you catch a Gamecock chanting “SEC” gently remind them of the only time they actually had a chance to win it. They lost 56-17. They are perennial shit talkers when it comes to conferences, yet they haven’t done anything in their own. If they really want to talk about championships, they’d have to reach back to 1969 when they won The ACC.

 3.) Deshaun Watson Beat Their Team with a Torn ACL:
This won’t be hard to argue, just repeat this phrase until they sit down and shut-up.

2.) Lean in and Whisper, “Remember when you guys went 0-11?”:
Yeah that’s trash, guys.

1.) They Have Zero National Championships:
Zero National Championships. Zero National Championships. Zero National Championships. Zero National Championships. Zero National Championships. Zero National Championships. Zero National Championships. Zero National Championships. Zero National Championships. Z-E-R-0.

Let’s be honest, the program is kind of a dumpster fire over in Columbia. They definitely got a big morale boost last week when they broke their loss streak against FCS opponents. As Clemson fans, we’re always in the green. The past makes us what we are through tradition and culture, and Clemson is on the way up. Hold up your head high this Saturday. Don’t be drug into the mud with magicians and their tricks, just stick to the facts and keep it moving.


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