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A Floor by Floor Breakdown of Clemson’s Cooper Library

Chances are the only reason you ever go to the library is to force yourself to do the work you otherwise do at home but then you fell asleep. Or maybe you just really enjoy watching other people suffer so you people-watch in the seats at the entrance. Either way, we all know that each floor of the library has its own personality and purpose. Perhaps this could help you choose where you study based on your preferences, or just continue to stay home and nap in bed.

1st Floor — Fit Desks:
If you’ve ever participated in one of those studies to see if the Fit Desks work, you know what floor this is. You’d walk down the steps for what feels like eternity, and almost hit your head on the low ceiling as you descend the last flight into hell. At least, that’s what the first floor feels like, considering you know that you’re about to go into the darkest, quietest place in the library, which means you won’t be able to scream when trying to figure out your physics homework.

2nd Floor — Cemetery:
This is where you go when you’re going to be quiet voluntarily. Typically this floor will be for your STEM majors running on 3 hours of sleep and that little scholarship they rely on to, like, not die. This floor is basically a live episode of The Walking Dead except everyone actually wishes they were dead so they don’t have to calculate derivatives anymore.

3rd Floor — Starbucks Speakeasy:
Remember last year when construction was happening on the 5th floor so we all had to get our caffeine fix from the 3rd floor? Once again, you would feel like you were walking underground for a day in the mines, when really you just wanted to purchase a venti skinny caramel macchiato with an extra espresso shot with your Paw Points. It made you feel like you were back in the 1920s, minus all the illegal shit.

4th Floor — The Lazy Floor:
You walk into Cooper from Library Bridge and look around, only to realize that you don’t want to walk upstairs because ew, and you don’t want to walk downstairs because you know you’ll eventually have to walk upstairs. Maybe you can justify your laziness by claiming that you want to catch people having sex in the study rooms? So you just find an empty table behind the front desk that, for some reason, still makes you nervous because you’re terrified the librarian will “SHH” you even though you’re so quiet you failed your public speaking class and you sneak up on yourself.

5th Floor — Java City:
If you’re a sophomore or below, you may not get this part. You may even see the 5th floor as the true Starbucks floor. Well, you’re wrong. Before that was here, Java City graced us with its yellow walls and strange lack of tables. Many of us remember this as the place where we met with class partners to make group projects NOT make you want to stick a fork in your eye. The best part? The first 20 minutes of those meetings was normally spent buying coffee and then complaining about how awful group projects are.

6th Floor — Awkward Seating:
Clemson likes to stay on top, not only in football, but in studies too. So, if you make your way up to the 6th floor, you’ll find a mix of people discussing homework loudly and those with headphones in their ears. The thing about this floor that makes it so unique is the odd combination of students you see at each table, because while the 6th floor is desirable, there can only be so many seats. You’re forced to socialize with people you would have never imagined doing so with because there aren’t enough tables for you to have your own. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Some people find the library quiet and soothing. Others find it to be the source of their chronic pain. The thing everyone can agree on? The first floor is terrifying and the only thing it’s really good for is sniffing the dust off of books people haven’t read since the 30s.

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