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A Guide to Finding ‘Creative’ Study Spots in Cooper During Finals

When looking for a place to study in Cooper, one pictures the usual spots. The first floor is great for quiet solo studying, while the fourth through the sixth floors host moderately-loud-group-project-discussion-slash-reality–TV-show-worthy brawls. But this close to finals, you have to be really lucky to land anything that you’re used to, and you can’t count on luck alone. With that in mind, here are some creative location alternatives for studying in Cooper Library. 

Sit Next to Strangers: This technique is almost guaranteed to work. In an effort to remain within the realm of social acceptance, people tend to only use every other spot when it comes to desks and tables. All you need to do is break the status quo to find an open seat next to another academically-inclined Tiger. And hey, if you try to talk to that neighbor, you’ll either succeed in finding a new buddy or they’ll leave and you can scoot over—it’s a win-win. 

CCIT: A quick and easy way to find a coveted chair is to pretend to wait for help at CCIT. Their chairs have some nice cushion to them and they’ll be fine as long as you can work on your lap. If necessary, the bookstore does, in fact, sell lap desks. 

Beanbags: Sure, the local beanbags are nice if they’re available, but we all know they get snagged up too quickly. But who’s to say that you’re officially excluded from the squishy, comfy fun? There’s no rule that says you can’t bring your own. Bring your own beanbag, favorite husband pillow, or blow-up mattress to the library. You pay enough money in tuition that you should be able to bring any creature comfort you like to the library. 

First Floor Stacks: One of the best underground spots (pun intended) lies within the first floor dungeons, not at a desk or table, but inside the rolling bookcases. All you have to do is roll a bunch together then carve yourself a little hovel between the stacks. This is great for those who like lying on their bellies, and the metal shelves will act as a natural cooling agent to keep the study sweat from building up.  

If you’re feeling really adventurous or desperate, use this technique on the upper shelves. You just need to watch for anyone who actually wants to find a book. Fortunately, students don’t use libraries for their stupid, outdated books. 

Second Floor Netting: We’re all familiar with those netted screens that are supposed to separate the desks and give each student his or her privacy. We also know that you can see right through them, voiding that very purpose. So, take the supposed battlements and section off an area for yourself. There, now they’re legitimately being used, and no one’s going to stop the insane person who’s taking all the screens; not this close to finals. 

If you’re suspicious about the legitimacy of these study spots, we at The Black Sheep can attest to each of them. Their success is proven by our no-less-than-stellar writing abilities. Just look at this article. Could we write it if it wasn’t the lord’s honest truth?

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