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Heisman Watch: A Hype Train Comparison of Kelly Bryant and Deshaun Watson

Where the hell is the Kelly Bryant hype? All people talk about is how annoying Clemson fans are on social media but what the heck guys?! We gotta get this hype train rollin’. It’s on us. Believe it or not, Kelly Bryant has been better than the patron saint of Clemson the one and only Deshaun Watson. (WE MISS YOU DESHAUN!) But Kelly Bryant being better than Deshaun sounds pretty outlandish to any Clemson ear, so let’s break it down. Try and keep up.

The Air Attack:
Through three games Kelly Bryant’s numbers have been better than Deshaun. He doesn’t have as many passing touchdowns, but he has far fewer interceptions and has thrown for more yards. That’s all the more impressive when you consider that he didn’t play the whole game against Kent State, because Kent State is terrible. Also against Auburn the play calling was very conservative because the defense was playing so great. So less games and a smaller playbook, yet K-Boogie somehow got more yards.

Okay you’re probably still not convinced and that’s fine. On to the next category.

The Ground Game:
Kelly Bryant is a better runner. He’s leading the team in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. Not only does he steamroll people, he’s also got the blazing speed of Baeshaun. He’s the perfect runner people! Get excited! It’s Like C.J. Spiller and Wayne Gallman had a beautiful athletic baby who’s also the size of Cam Newton. It will be shocking if he’s not a thousand-yard rusher this season. Look for Dabo to open up the playbook and run the offense similar to when Tajh Boyd was the quarterback. Actually, maybe K-Boogs is like Deshaun and a Tajh baby. We’ll figure this out. 

The IT Factor:
Finally, the most important category. Swag levels. We can all agree that Deshaun was hands-down the coolest person ever. Everything he did was just awesome. We all thought it would be a while until we had another Heisman contender (at least until Trevor Lawrence and his beautiful hair get here) who was as dope as Deshaun, but it looks like we already have one.

Anyone with the nickname K Boogie better be a cool guy and lucky for him he is. Kelly Bryant has already taken down two top 15 teams and it doesn’t look like he’s going to slow down. Hell even Deshaun tweeted that Bryant was going to be better than him so you know he’s legit. Don’t get us wrong, Boogie still has a long way to go to passed the greatest Tiger of all time, but he’s playing way better than he was projected to so that’s something.

So yeah pull yourselves together Clemson fans. Get out there and let’s get the Heisman hype going. The future is now and the future looks pretty bright as long as Bryant is at the helm.

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