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5 Blockbuster Clemson Movie Ideas for the Campus Movie Fest 2018

This upcoming week on campus, students who have entered into the world’s largest student film fest competition will have a week with their teams to film something starting on the 13th of February until Feb. 19th. The premiere of the projects will be in Littlejohn Coliseum on February 21st, and since that’s quite a time crunch, we figured we’d help out with ideas on what blockbuster hits could be filmed at Clemson.  

5.) Remember the Tigers:
An instant classic and we’ve already got the cast ready to go, featuring Clemson’s very own Sunshine, Trevor Lawrence. This touching story of a football team facing all the haterz and heading towards their natty championship title dreams. Will Sunshine fit in with the already tight-knit Clemson football community? Will Dabo lead the team through an emotional cemetery montage? Find out in Remember the Tigers.

4.) The Nightmare Before Finals:
Cooper Library is torn to shreds by desperate and caffeine riddled zombies. Replace Jack and Sally with a Mike, a fifth year senior hyped up on Adderall and Jacey, a girl crashing hard off of Red Bull. Will they survive and make it to next year? Or perish to the Finals Gods and have to return again next year? Rated R for excessive cursing and a surprising amount of nudity… the library has seen some shit. 

3.) Chronicles of the CatBus:
The CatBusses are out of control this semester. This journey of how things got to be so bad includes action packed scenes with busses accidentally hitting students and cars on campus. It’s like Speed but real life, and terrifying. To really ground the film in realism cast actual blind people as CatBus drivers. 

2.) The Grades of Wrath:
Chad Kelly sits in his Bio 101 lab, and has just got back a lab report from his TA who he thought he was bros with. He opens it up to see a big red “F” and comments from his TA asking if he even tried or if he just copy and pasted off Wikipedia. Angered, he runs to his uncle to try and get the TA fired. Dabo overhears of his situation and decides to take matters into his own hands.

1.) Miracle on Perimeter Road:
A young student living off campus for the first time, struggles to understand the meaning of leaving early for class. Will she make it through the semester? Or, will she sit through hours of construction and be late to class every day? In Miracle on Perimeter Road, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll wonder why you even considered bringing your car back to campus was a good idea.

Whether or not these spoofs are ever going to become a reality, they are all true stories and Cooper Library really is the number one place on campus to find zombies. Beware. Stay safe out there, and maybe on February 21st make an appearance at Littlejohn Coliseum to check out what the clever, artistic people of our campus were actually able to come up with and see who wins the film contest. 

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