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The 9 Most Hilariously Delusional Posts from #ClemsonHateWeek

‘Bama fans have pulled the lawnmower cord on their desktop computers and put on their typin’ gloves this week in an attempt to muster whatever karma they can and beat Clemson on the field on the 1st. And just as whenever a bunch of Alabamians gathered together at a family reunion, something was born: #ClemsonHateWeek. So before we spend too much time marveling at the fact that they’re able to string three words together, let’s have a look at some of the best posts from #ClemsonHateWeek that just show how delusional ‘Bama fans are. 

Illegal pick:

I would say it’s #ClemsonHateWeek but I’ve hated them since January 9th when they got away with an illegal pick play to beat Alabama.

— Bam (@bigbam3) December 26, 2017

What’s with it and Alabamians refusing to think they lost fair and square? Always blaming it on some conspiracy or rigged point system. 

Dabo reads Joel:

Hmmm. Pretty sure Dabo doesn’t need to read anything because he knows deep in his bones how to beat the living shit out of ‘Bama ever year. The man breathes excellence, no need to bring a weird rubberfaced televangelist into it. 

“Try again”:


*Frantically googles ‘how to screenshot on iphone’ and gets it good enough to post* Having sifted through thousands of ‘Bama memes for this post, I won’t touch on the general design. Though garbage and infuriatingly off-center, it’s a lot better than what’s out there. Kudos to you, Mr. TryAgain. 

Oh my god:

You know this girl watches the game and is like “Ugh why are they even winning this is so annoying. Who is Clemson’s quarterback it’s so annoying when he throws touchdowns and runs for touchdowns and singlehandedly dismantles ‘Bama’s offense it’s so annoying.”


Just, come on. These two are cute, but related, right? Like, that grandma back there is one of their aunts and the other one’s grandma. This post brought to you by Ancestry, try not to bone your cousins, guys. 

We’ll follow up on this:

Not to get political but that lobotomy should’ve happened a long time ago. 

Clinging to superstition: 

“Revenge games” is hilarious. These things don’t matter and don’t exist. Maybe he gives a good speech about losing before, and maybe that affects the players more than other games, but all that matters is what happens on the field. Dabo is also undefeated when he takes a shower at 7:02 a.m. instead of 6:56 a.m., and on days where the weather fluctuates 6 degrees between morning and lunch. Speaking of lunch, Dabo is 20-5 on days when he eats a sandwich vs days when he eats soup.


I think we all know that’s Racoon, Linda. Not sure how that’s going to help you beat Clemson but sure. Eat it up.



You know what they say, you cAn’t speLl if yOu’Re FrOm ALABAMA!

Please, we at The Black Sheep Clemson beg you, if you find anymore great posts from Alabama fans desperately clinging to #ClemsonHateWeek, please send them our way @BlackSheep_Clem.

EDIT: Going to start more as they get submitted to us:

You need testicles to call a football game!

Liberal bull crap!

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