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QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge of Clemson Basketball Before You Look Like an Idiot During March Madness

Attention basketball and any/all people that like to gamble: March Madness is just around the corner!It’s almost that time to fill out brackets and bet everything on the best teams! (aka throw that whole $10 on the team you hope will win!) Clemson is actually doing semi-well this year and it’s super exciting! Will they make it all the way? Does anyone actually care?! Of course they do, this is Clemson! Clemson fans are All In, all the time! How well do you think you know your Clemson basketball team??

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March Madness Is Soon: How Well Do You Know Clemson Basketball? I got %%score%% of %%total%% right

If you missed the Littlejohn Coliseum question, then… do you even go here? Clearly students could be slightly more educated and aware of their sports teams success. Maybe, if Clemson hadn’t made it so freaking hard to get a ticket to one of the basketball games and we were guaranteed a way to watch it online we would be more supportive! Nevertheless, the love students have for all things Clemson is strong, and we’ll show the nation what the Clemson Tigers are made of!

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