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The Definitive Harcombe Dining Hall Secret Menu


Clemson University isn’t well known for its delectable dining halls and hitting up the sandwich station for lunch and dinner can get a little repetitive, especially if you live on campus. But The Black Sheep’s been investigating, and we’ve come up with some food mashups at Harcombe Dining Hall to make your on-campus dining experience a little more bearable. Here are five recipes to try the next time you get tired of finding hair in your food at Schilletter and make the hike across campus:



5.) Lake Hartwell:


Food Mashups Lake Hartwell-Clemson-2.22.16


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This beautifully arranged snack is semi-healthy and will remind you of warm days spent relaxing by the lake, drinking cheap beers and avoiding studying at all costs. The crisp pita bread triangles depict sailboats on the hummus-lake, with broccoli tree woods leading right to the water, and olive dikes overlooking the horizon. If you’re feeling creative, you can put goldfish crackers in the hummus lake for decor.



4.) Tiger Salad:


Food Mashups Tiger Salad-Clemson-2.22.16


Aside from using actual tiger meat (by the way, please never do that), this is as Clemson of a salad as you can get. We’ve got orange carrots, because Clemson Tigers know how to keep the vision, slices of orange cantaloupe because true Tiger fans can’t-a-lope away from a good competition, and orange oranges because duh. The Tiger Salad may not taste great, but those who eat it are the truest of Clemson students.



3.) Cooper Library Homework Pile-Up:


Food Mashups PileUp pic-Clemson-2.22.16


Whoever told you sandwiches aren’t toppings was wrong, and here’s how you can show them up:


Step 1 Load up a baked potato at the Home Picken’s bar.

Step 2 Acquire a grilled cheese sandwich from Fort Hill Grill.

Step 3 Cut your grilled cheese into 1-inch squares and sprinkle onto your baked potato.

Step 4 Consume. Forget about all your troubles. Never look back.



2.) Calhoun Honors College “Smart Cookie” Sandwich:



This dessert mashup, much like Clemson honors students, is no freaking joke. A scoop of vanilla from that sketchy ice cream bar in the corner and slices of not-yet-ripe bananas are sandwiched between two hot M&M chocolate chip cookies right off the pan. Students and Harcombe workers may stare as you man handle your food into this creation, but one bite will make it all worth it.



1.) “Everything but the Natty” Patty-less Burger:



A meal full of symbolism and potential, much like our football team. The buns, lettuce, and tomatoes are plain but essential, easy wins like Wofford, Wake Forest, Miami, and App State. Onions, pickles, and condiments add variety. It’s not why you got the burger, but you’re always happy when they’re available, sorta like Clemson’s Notre Dame and FSU wins.


Without a slice of slimy cheese the sandwich is just incomplete, just like having to play the slimy Gamecocks every season. It may be a single ingredient, but the patty is the tastiest element to any burger, just like a victory at the National Championships would’ve been. Fingers crossed that next season we’ll be able to fry up some meat.



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