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The Do’s and Dont’s for Your Freshman Year at Clemson

So you finally made it to college. Well done, you. But remember, with the honor of coming to Tigertown comes responsibility; you have a serious legacy to live up to and that can be a lot of pressure. Have no fear, The Black Sheep has compiled a list of DO’s and DONT’s for ultimate success during your freshman year at Clemson.

DO NOT: Bring shower shoes. The good caretakers of the Horseshoe and the Shoeboxes are dedicated to keeping the bathrooms clean and cozy. Wearing shower shoes is practically screaming from the rooftops that you think they’re leaving deadly foot fungus all over the bathrooms—and you wouldn’t want to insult people with access to the air conditioning.

DO: Buy everything on the official Bed Bath & Beyond college packing list (except shower shoes). With dorm rooms as tiny as they are, you need all those collapsible boxes to organize. Your roommate will be super-psyched that you brought all this cool, color-coordinated stuff. Yeah, super-psyched.

DO NOT: Be afraid of the freshman fifteen. Harcombe cookies are the best cookies you’ll find at any college, and besides, your parents already paid for them. At Clemson, everywhere is uphill, so you’ll need all those extra calories to run to that class you forgot about.



DO: Go to the Target party in your first week. Cheesy music, loaded shopping carts, a bunch of half-priced crap you may have a use for someday—what better way to form lasting friendships with your fellow freshmen?

DO NOT: Bring a car. Really, you thought tuition was expensive? Just wait until your first year’s worth of parking tickets.

DO: Sit stand on the Hill at least once. Nothing gives you the true Clemson experience better than bathing in other people’s sweat and being semi-deaf for the next week.  

DO NOT: Sneak home early on Tiger Transit at your first college party. You can’t let the upper classmen think you’re a lightweight, and all the hot girls (or guys) will be super impressed by your drinking abilities. If you stay late enough, one of them might even take you home after the party.

DO: Buy that awesome giant stereo. The Horseshoe is party central and you’ll need an awesome sound system to lure in the hot girls. If the walls are shaking five floors up, you know it was worth the money.

DO NOT: Answer your parents’ calls or texts. Remember, you’re independent now and it’s your responsibility to prepare them for their inevitable sorrow when you leave for your tour of Western Europe this summer. With all your cool new friends and the high-paying summer internships you’re sure to get, you’ll probably never have to go back home again.  

And finally, DO go all out for your first home football game. Face paint, orange wigs, tiger-striped knee socks—nothing is out of bounds. Hey, you made it to Clemson; time to celebrate!


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