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Tiger Football Pre-Ranked 15th in the Country, Still 1st in Our Hearts

Football season is nearly upon us, and soon Clemson will be filled with thousands of our closest friends, family, and alumni to watch the Tigers throw the old pigskin around. But what does this mean to the students? The Black Sheep sat down with Clemson sophomore Lisa P. to talk about the upcoming season.


The Black Sheep: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us about football, Lisa. Why don’t you tell our readers a little bit about yourself before we get started?


Lisa P: Thank you for inviting me! Well, to sum it up, I’m a sophomore communications major from Georgia, hoping to be a sports journalist after Clemson, and I absolutely love cats. Oh and Deshaun, if you’re reading this, I just want to say you’re gorgeous! Call me!


TBS: Are you referring to the Clemson football player Deshaun Watson?


LP: Yes, isn’t he dreamy?!


TBS: I can’t say I’ve ever thought about him in that way.


LP: Well my best friend’s big’s cousin had a class with him last year, so we’ve practically already been introduced. Now I just have to interview him for my journalism class to seal the deal.


TBS: Right… So let’s get back to the point of this interview. Clemson football was recently pre-season ranked number 15 in the country, what do you think about that ranking? Too high or too low?


LP: Obviously it’s way too low. I mean, who even decides that? If it were up to me, Clemson would be number one year round. So what if we lost to FSU the past two years? They have that guy who steals crab cakes or whatever. He literally brings down the ranking of his whole team. Clemson people are, like, so much nicer and generous. And we have Deshaun who is so cute. Did I say that already?


TBS: You do realize that the rankings only reflect game performance, right?


LP: As long as we beat South Carolina again I’d consider it a successful season.


TBS: We were still talking about the preseason ranking. Regular season hasn’t started yet.


LP: Wait, what? You’re confusing me.


TBS: Alright, never mind, lets just move on. You previously mentioned the generosity and friendliness of Clemson folk. Do you have any thoughts on how the team and football coaching staff conduct themselves?


LP: What?


TBS: Do you think they’re nice people?


LP: Oh, YES! Dabo and me are literally best friends. Well, he shook my hand once, but I like felt something, you know? And I’m sure I’ll meet way more coaches and players after I get with Deshaun. If they’re cool enough to be his friends then they’ll be way cool enough to be my friends.


TBS: Great. Besides number four, Deshaun Watson, do you have a favorite player?


LP: Um, no.

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