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Top 10 Clemson Trends that Need to Die

Trends come and trends go. We students, in our tireless attempts for social assimilation and acceptance, have a certain amount of experience with the whole “go with the flow” and “fit in” thing. But how do we know when yesterday’s trend becomes today’s no-go? Here are a few trends that came and really, really need to go.

 10.) Sunset Snapchats:
Avoiding the cliché sunset snap for the 7th day in a row won’t make it any less beautiful. It’s time we start experiencing Clemson’s sunsets glory without a filter.

9.) T-shirts you painted/colored yourself:
Remember that time in high school you used your little sister’s puff paints to plaster “Fab 5” or “JUNIORS” on the back of a Hanes Beefy-T? That shirt was just darling then, but it ain’t so darling now. It’s time to retire it, preferably to the trash, but we’ll accept an attic storage bin if you’re particularly sentimental.

8.) SLED:
That Ohio I.D. that says you were born around the same year you graduated middle school works fine with your favorite bouncers. But now that SLED is here every weekend, it’s not so easy. Sure, their IPTAY t-shirts, dad jeans, and white New Balances should be easy to spot, but bars are drunk and you’re dark. 

7.) HQ:
Art, history, science, and geography have one thing in common: we don’t care about any of them. And we definitely don’t care about your ability to answer questions about them, or, more accurately, your ability to guess well. At least with the other viral apps, you didn’t have to think so much.

6.) “Senior” gear:
Class of 2010–you’re in college now and it isn’t relevant. Whether it’s sweatpants and a sweatshirt or a plastic tumbler, it’s gotta go. As our friends from Frozen would say, let it go, dude. The past is in the past.


5.) Engagements:
Oh, you’ve been dating for three months and have never spent more than 9 consecutive hours together, but you just know he’s the one? We already have our wedding gift in the mail, and, spoiler, it’s a pre-nup. And if he is the one, then you deserve a better ring than what his college-man budget and taste will buy. 

4.) iClickers:
We’re all adults here. Can’t we agree that class attendance is an adult decision for us adults to make in our own adult minds? We don’t need a silly little piece of plastic to hold us accountable. Plus, everyone just gives their clicker to a friend when they skip are absent from class. Duh.

3.) Neverending Construction:
Core Campus, Douthit Hills, that random engineering building over by all the other engineering buildings – we can’t wait to see them finished, if only to escape the massive detours and constant presence of dirt, machines, and dirty machines. Our aesthetic palates don’t deserve this.  

2.) Nike Frees:
Stop paying 100 dollars for sweatshop shoes. Those neon colors were achieved by a special formula of ink mixed with the tears of the Indonesian factory children. Plus, with these Clemson hills, you’d be better off with some Sketchers Shape-ups. Double the workout, double the fun. 

1.) Spirit Jerseys:
These used to be really great. And then they went and designed versions with cutouts and mesh, as found in our very own student bookstore. Ultimately, if the people who would buy a t-shirt riddled with cutouts and mesh are wearing Spirit Jerseys, we are certainly not wearing Spirit Jerseys. Some people, they just have to ruin it for the rest of us.

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