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Top 10 Most Outrageous Classes Offered at Clemson


While we all slave away at establishing our majors and minors, Clemson is buzzing with an abundance of awesome classes available during 2016 registration. The classes in this top 10 list will not only help you get those elective credits in, but also give you a nice break in an agonizing hell of a stressful week.


10.) LS 1640 Whitewater Kayaking:

If this class doesn’t scream “badass,” what does? Whitewater kayaking is both a physical and mental challenge that will resonate the effects of adventure throughout your busy week.


9.) MUSC 1010 Beginning Class Piano:

We all know those people with zero musical capability (jam sessions on the way to Cook Out at 3a.m. don’t count). Clemson has afforded the tone-deaf portion of our student body the opportunity to become a Debussy prodigy.


8.) CHIN 1010 Elementary Chinese:

CHIN 1010 is the most comprehensive answer to the problem of all STEM majors. Can’t decipher anything your calc TA says? Have no fear, student. CHIN 1010 is here to help you learn to say, “What the f*** does that mean?”


7.) DANC 1500 Modern Dance:

Listen; don’t knock it ’til you try it. It’s abstract, it’s interpretive, it’s art, for Pete’s sake! Modern Dance requires little to no prior knowledge and will have you swayin’ and groovin’ in no time at all. Just let the music move you and show up all your friends at your next party.


6.) LS 1750 Fly Fishing:

Alright, what in the hell is fly fishing? The fact that fish are being said to fly is just entirely beyond any conceivable notion of truth. The Black Sheep urges students to take this class and figure out what in the world this is and if fish are actually flying nowadays. Please get back to us.


5.) AVS 2060 Swine Techniques:

Otherwise referred to as a class on bacon. Bacon is the way, the method, and the lifestyle. The techniques and management of the production of swine is a top priority for Clemson and The Black Sheep alike. By taking this course, you take the future of our bacon into your hands.


4.) LS 1610 Turkey Hunting:

Gone are the days of irate, post-menopausal women fighting over Thanksgiving turkeys in Bi-Lo. Now, Clemson students will do the dirty work for you! Take LS 1610 for the ins and outs of America’s favorite bird and how to get it from forest to fork.


3.) CU 1000:

Everyone who has ever been a freshman at Clemson will concur as to how outrageously ridiculous CU 1000 is. The awkward groupings, the pointless assignments, the discombobulated chain of authority figures tossed around assignments left and right? It’s all complete and utter required bullshit. So yeah, down with CU 1000.


2.) PHIL 3050 Existentialism:

Are you a Clemson student who enjoys questions regarding freedom, the meaningfulness (or meaninglessness of life), and the existence of God? PHIL 3050 is for you. Whether you give a crap about Dostoyevsky or not, Existentialism is a philosophical discussion-based class that will blow your mind on the regular.


1.) MUSC 3250 CU Carillonneurs:

This is perhaps the most important element of Clemson University. The Tillman bells are a time-honored tradition; their sound breathes life, Star Wars, and Christmas into the lives of students and faculty alike. Can you imagine a day without them? An item for every student’s bucket list, by taking this class you can be the bells; be the heartbeat of Clemson.





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