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Top 10: Things Clemson Bridge Students Should be Thankful For

Bridge students: the slower, adorable little siblings of true Clemson Tigers through and through. This year, as they sit at the kids’ table, bicycle helmet donned, here’s a few things they can be happy for this Thanksgiving season. 

10.) Farm League Mentality:
There’s less pressure, and more fun. Bridge students only have to maintain a 2.5 GPA, which helps them ease into the college lifestyle. Scientific studies have shown that Bridge students are less likely to flunk out or make fools of themselves at frat parties once they get to Clemson, which seems (sort of) worth it to us. 

9.) Community Living:
Yay, friends! Nothing makes that transition into college easier than being a part of a pack, and the Bridge Program gives you that pack in the form of roommates. Gather your crew so you can take up the whole sidewalk walking beside each other.  Now that you’re living in the pack, it’s a good time to learn important social norms and expectations—like the rules of beer pong, and how to handle an unexpected one-night stand with someone from your Spanish class. 

8.) Intramurals:
You can feed your competitive side in a healthy way, without the pressure and mandatory practices. Your flag football squad may not get all the official collegiate gear and publicity of the official football team, but you also don’t have to get tackled by future NFL heavyweights.

Veteran Tip: You can create a funny team name, and make t-shirts to wear as uniforms. Touchdown, team Scoregasms! 

7.) Security Guards:
Like a mall cop on a Segway, they aren’t really there to bust anyone—just to hang out and keep the peace.  A recent poll conducted by some serious The Black Sheep researchers showed that the safety guards at High Pointe are “less dickish” than the regular CUPD downtown. 

6.) The Name Game: 
When people ask where you go to school, you have a variety of options. Need to be recognized?  Tell them you go to Clemson.  Want to sound mysterious? You’re in a special Bridge Program. Vague and confusing one word text response? Tech. Just Tech.  Play your cards right with Tri-County and they may even call you doctor. 

5.) Fike Recreational Center:
That’s right, you still have access to Fike. Jump on it quick while you’re in Bridge! College life has a way of tacking on that “soft muscle,” which protects your six-pack with a relaxed, jiggly covering. You’ll also look good hauling furniture when you finally move to Clemson.  

4.) The Lake:
The lake is literally on your way to campus. Plus, it’s never too early to start making friends and potential future roommates with a lake house and a boat. Flaunt those abs of a Greek deity you forged in the fires of Fike. 

3.) Cooper Library: 
Come to study, stay for the coffee. From recognizing vague acquaintances and watching Netflix, to clicking through Buzzfeed and Facebook, Cooper Library is the ideal place to go if you want to disappear without any work getting done, because the High Pointe lazy river is no place to use your laptop. Plus, the WiFi is better.   

2.) Redfern:
Just remember to only get sick on weekdays before 5p.m.  Otherwise, Greenville isn’t that far away.  Also, Redfern gives out free condoms! Disclaimer: This does not mean you’re guaranteed an opportunity to use them.

1.) Clemson:
You’re almost there! Enjoy your time on the bridge, and look forward to the green grass awaiting you on the other side.

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