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Top 5 Signs Spring Has Sprung In Clemson


When the weather starts to turn in the spring a few changes begin to happen around Clemson’s campus. It may be something in the air that triggers the deviations in behavior of these college students, or maybe it’s instinctual. In either case, here are a few trends The Black Sheep always seems to notice around Clemson this time of year:


5.) The female population transitions from leggings to norts:
The Lady Tigers on campus are known for their sorostitute uniforms of oversized T-shirts and leggings in the winter. When the air gets warmer, however, they shed their leggings for the lighter “norts,” short for “Nike shorts,” to allow maximum power walking capacity. Accompanying this transformation are one of two occurrences: A.) either sickly, pale skin is exposed, frequently leading to highly visible, bright red sunburns across the legs, or B.) the orange hue of spray tans becomes readily apparent as peak formal season approaches.


4.) Enos and Chacos dominate the outdoors: 
Walking around the Reflection Pond, one is oft to see a few students lounging in the treetops, basking in the sunlight. But how do they do it? Chacos, the outdoor footwear of choice, allow them to climb the trees with ease. Enos, which are lightweight, overpriced pieces of fabric, give the students a perch to use between the branches. Next time you’re walking past Kinard and Daniel, make sure you look up between the tree leaves; there really isn’t a sight quite like it.


3.) Backpack stains and hair frizz emerge:
Along with behavioral changes, there are physiological transformations amongst the Tiger community. The increase in temperature and humidity does not bode well for the kin that come from the north. One can pick this type out easily due to their immense backpack stains as they traipse across campus. Hair also increases in volume and frizz. It is not uncommon for Tigers to wait great lengths for the communal transportation systems to avoid walking to class.


2.) Motivation for academics is lost:
As the indigenous fauna increase in activity with the emergence of spring, Tiger students become fidgety and lose focus. Many start spending time outside and by local watering holes. Traditional lab reports, homework, and exams are all but forgotten with the lift in spirits. It takes all the strength of the elder population to keep the young Tigers in check as the semester proceeds.


1.) Darties are in full swing:
As a direct consequence of the lack of motivation, “darties,” or parties that take place during the daytime, explode in popularity. Any reason the youngsters have for celebration is highly encouraged and taken advantage of. The masses just can’t be controlled once spring fever hits.


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