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The Top 6 Buildings to Flip Off On Your Way Out of Clemson:


Every Clemson student has those buildings they love… and a few more they hate. Whether it’s a building you just think is ugly, or a building that makes you automatically dry-heave ever since you had a Friday 8 a.m. in it freshman year, some buildings just need a good sendoff. So don’t feel bad when you throw the bird at a few of these buildings before you leave Clemson and begin doing shit that matters:

6.) Sikes:

Everyone knows that Sikes Hall houses the financial aid and student records offices. Although it “aids” the students and families, no one likes financial aid. For most students, when they see “financial aid,” all they can think about is the immaculate amount of debt that they are currently sitting it. Oh, and student records…. Everyone has had their transcript lost at some point in their time at Clemson. One middle finger for you, Sikes.

5.) Cooper Library:

Cooper Library AKA Hell on Earth, has seen you at your very worst… and only that. You only go there at your darkest hours, not when you’re trying to have a good time. Make sure to give this building both fingers, because although it stands beautifully towering in front of the reflection pond, it has taken at least 10 years off your life.

4.) Whatever Building Houses Your Major:
You know that building on campus that you spent the majority of your time in (other than Coop)? That building that has soaked up your falling tears due to an overbearing workload? Well, give it a big, silent f*** you… then maybe also give it a hug because you’re now a pro at said subject. Graduation brings very mixed emotions.

3.) All of the Construction Sites:
Seriously, screw all of the construction sites on campus. Yes we get the hypocrisy of complaining that buildings are old while complaining about building new ones. Screw you. Two middle fingers to all of the beeping, banging, hammering and traffic issues.

2.) D. W. Daniel Hall And All of Those GD Stairs:

Did you know Daniel Hall has an elevator in it? Not many people do, because the architects thought it would be funny to hide it at the very end corner of the building. In response, it’s left all students with the only option to walk up all of those dreaded stairs. Hey, at least your calves look bangin’. One middle finger.

1.) IPTAY Offices:
If you’ve been at Clemson long enough, then you remember when students had to camp out and stand in line for their Clemson football tickets. WHAT FUN! Not… You had to get up at 3:30 in the morning if you wanted a good spot in line, and this is only if you didn’t spend the night there. Two middle fingers for taking so long to make the transition to online. Don’t even get students started on how bad eduroam and the ticket distributions are online.

At the end of the day you’ll never find another place as beautiful and fun as Clemson, so it’d be a good idea to quietly whisper “sorry” to each building and maybe give it a little kiss. Again, graduation is a real emotional rollercoaster.


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