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Top 6 Clemson Creameries to Stuff Your Face At

It’s about that time of year when people start to stink after two seconds of sun exposure, because even their sweat has sweat. But you know what compliments that heat so well? ICE CREAM. Sweat and sweet ice cream have always gone hand in hand. Luckily, Clemson has a handful of places to choose from when it comes to this cold snack. Here are all the places you can find ice cream in Clemson, South Carolina, ranked.

6.) Wendy’s:

Clemsonites, from lit students after a night game to geriatric geezers during lunch, gather in the Horseshoe location for Wendy’s tried and true Frosty. Just like every other regular Wendy’s franchise, they sell their original, old fashion Frosty’s which only come in chocolate and vanilla, so if you want any exotic flavors travel elsewhere. Pro tip: at the end of the day they usually have to dump all the leftover Frosties into the dumpster out back, so hang around there late at night for all the free garbage ice cream you can handle.

5.) Campus dining halls:

Yes, we’re including Schilletter and Core on this list. They have a lovely soft serve machine with crowd fave cake cones, which are next to impossible to remove from the package without crushing. They also have a variety of options you can scoop up into a bowl and take with you. If you are one of the lucky freshmen with a meal plan, take advantage of this while you can. Maybe swipe in a poor upperclassman if you’re feeling generous.

4.) TCBY:

Ice cream purists will argue this place is an ice cream poser. But, they can’t deny that fro-yo is delicious. TCBY is kinda far off campus, but as long as you have the number of your moped guy, it shouldn’t be too far. They’re open during the brink of the summer heat and have some sweet AC to chill in. Choices from chocolate with oreos and fudge, or a fruity ice cream with strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries on top, nom noms. It’s good if you have a ride, but not worth the hike.

3.) Brioso Fresh Pasta:

Gelato is supposed to  be healthier, creamier, and more dense than your day-to-day ice cream, but that mostly goes out the door when you cram three pounds of spaghetti into your stomach before eating it. It’s a little more on the pricey side, but after some delicious spaghetti, who doesn’t want some ice cream?

2.) Spill the Beans:

Located behind Clemson’s newest bar Study Hall, Spill the Beans is definitely one of the top ice creams joints. They offer milkshakes, cones, bowls, and much more.The majority of people who visit this somewhat hidden restaurant come for the ice cream. The atmosphere screams, “I’m here to stalk my ex on Facebook with a concentrated face so that it seems like I’m studying.” They also have a good number of couches indoors, which are perfect for that post-ice cream coma you’ll undoubtedly fall into.

1.) ’55 Exchange:

Ice cream heaven can be found in Clemson indeed. ’55 Exchange is located inside the Hendrix center on campus and is a student-run business. It is by far the best place for you, your mom and dad, second cousins, imaginary boyfriends, whoever, to get their sweet fix. And for students with meal plans, yes, they accept Paw Points, you lucky sons of bitches.

Whether you decide to save some money and just eat ice cream in Core, or make the beautiful walk across campus to ’55 Exchange for a chocolate espresso milkshake, we hope that you enjoy all your ice cream before it melts in this crazy Global Warming-induced summer heat. Try to stay cool this summer and head down to Y-Beach after you’ve grabbed some delicious ice cream.

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