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Have Faith, Clemson: A Trash Talk Guide to Georgia Tech

We didn’t talk trash about Syracuse and look what happened. WE LOST! We took our foot off the pedal and we flew off the road and crashed into a mountain. The Syracuse loss hurts for sure, but the team can still win the ACC, make the playoffs, and win another championship. So quit your worrying and have some faith, because this is still a championship caliber team. Get all your screams and tears out and buckle in. It’s Georgia Tech week.

Georgia Tech
Year founded: 1885
Mascot: Yellow Jacket
All-time record vs Clemson: Georgia Tech leads 50-29-2, Clemson has won two in a row.

The Background:
This Georgia Tech team is hard to get a read on. They started the season losing a close exciting game to Tennessee. At this point in the season it’s obvious that Tennessee is garbage though. Georgia Tech has won all their other games except against in the rain against a good Miami team. So, it’s hard to say for sure, but this team should put up a pretty good fight against the Tigers.

The Game:
Georgia Tech runs that funky old timey option offense so run defense is a key if the Tigers are going to win. Luckily for Clemson fans, Brent Venables has had some success against Georgia Tech. He’ll make sure Clemson maintains gap integrity and wraps up. Another plus is Clemson has a bye week before this, so Venables had time to make sure the game plan is solid.

To win the offense needs to score points. Obviously. Hopefully Kelly Bryant is ready to go, but if he’s not one hundred percent Zerick Cooper or Hunter Johnson will have to step up and lead the offense. Yet another reason why this bye week came at the perfect time. The coaches will also probably look to get Travis Etienne and Tavien Feaster more touches after they combined for only 12 against Syracuse.

“Fun” facts about Georgia Tech:
Both Clemson and GT are engineering schools in the south, and both were at one point coached by John Heisman. One of the few interesting things about Georgia Tech is that they were a part of the most lopsided college football game in history: In 1916 the Yellow Jackets beat Cumberland tech 222-0. What a dick move to run up the score that bad, but hey they made history. Famous alumni include Jimmy Carter who was maybe the worst president of all time, as well as the current dickhead CEO of Walmart and Robert Tyre Jones (better known as Bobby) who helped found the Masters.

This game should be a good one. It doesn’t get any better than an 8 p.m. home game in Death Valley. Hopefully Boogie & Co. can handle the adversity and respond to a loss. Go Tigers! 

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