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Trevor Lawrence is Officially on Campus, Will He Play in the Spring Game?

According to a few of our creepy friends spotting him on campus, and our own creeping abilities on social media, Clemson football’s future star Trevor Lawrence, aka Sunsine, is confirmed on campus.

Here he is being dropped off by and hugging his parents, like a good freshman bb boi:

And here he is telling off all the haters and losers back home before shipping off on his own to college, again, like all good freshman bb bois do.

So now that we know he’s on campus, the real question is why? And moreover, does this mean he’ll play in the spring game? We tasked two of our writers to argue their points — that he WILL play in the Spring Game, or that he WON’T. 

Point: Dude, of course Trevor Lawrence is going to play in the Spring Game. Why else would he start college a year early? He’s leaving his girlfriend, his family, his friends all back home in Georgia. He’s going to be an awkward semester younger than current freshmen and older than next year’s freshmen. He’s here for one reason and one reason only: school,er the Spring Game.

Counterpoint: Why would he play in the Spring Game? To get hurt on a meaningless game and blow his entire career? Please, let the boy get a semester of school out and dat college poon no nevermind he’s in a committed relationship with both the lord and a girl out of the way so he can focus on one thing and one thing only: getting his degree,er the regular season. 

Point: He has to play in the Spring Game. He can get the credits and play, you idiot. Trevor Lawrence will play in the Spring Game to quickly establish his dominance to the rest of the team. Sunshine will shine. Plus, he won’t get hurt. They treat quarterbacks in the Spring Game like you’ve treated sex in life — avoid it at all costs. 

Counterpoint: First, I don’t avoid sex. It avoids me. Second, he has a long, lucious pedigree of high school ball that establishes his dominance. Third, K-Boogie is still my boy. Put your little boner away for the next shiny thing. Kelly Bryant is our guy, he almost got us back to a SECOND national championship, and definitely will lead us to the promised land next fall. Plus there’s always Zerrick and Hunter, but… you know. 


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