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Did Kanye West Go To Columbia College?

There is a pervasive rumor on campus that Kanye West was a student at Columbia College Chicago, and that it was the school he dropped out of prior to writing The College Dropout. There are only a few sources, which all repeat the same the same fact he briefly attended Columbia, though there is no citation to back this up. Given the research skills of the average Columbia student, we understand this may be too much to ask, but we ask: Did Kanye West go to Columbia? Probably not. But let’s imagine some things Kanye would’ve done if he went here:

5.) Gotten really into prog rock: 
This would be pretty close to how it actually happened. Kanye’s got a well-known affinity for prog rock, so he’d fit right in with the crowd of douchebags who never shut up about King Crimson. On the bright side, that means if he came here, the world would’ve gotten Yeezus a few years early.

4.) Written beats in the Dwight: 
Sure, the Dwight wasn’t around when Kanye would have gone here, but he didn’t go here, so we can make up whatever the hell we want (Columbia kids will believe it, anyways). It’s nice to dream about a world where Kanye West did attend Columbia, a world where he would stay up late in the Dwight writing five beats a day for three semesters. But he didn’t.

3.) Gotten roasted by fashion majors: 
Damn, can you imagine the shade the fashion majors would be throwing his way with his wack-ass pink polo? Columbia fashion majors all dress like it’s 30 years ago, they’d be talking smack just because he doesn’t wear bell-bottoms.

2.) Edited the Notable Columbia Alum Wikipedia so it looks like he dropped out of Columbia: 
Listen, from the Wikipedia page we can establish that information on Kanye’s academic record can be misleading. At this point, it’s not too outlandish to believe he may not have ever dropped out of college at all. Picture him on graduation day, nervous at how low his street cred would be if anyone knew his alma mater. Certainly, if there were any school you’d lie and say you dropped out of rather than say you graduated, it’d be Columbia College Chicago.

1.) Partied down with Chance the Rapper:
Chance didn’t go here either, but the way the students here ride his dick, you’d think he did. If you’re gonna pretend Kanye went here, you may as well go all the way. Shit, when you really think about it, pretty sure T-Pain went here too. Anything to get those enrollment numbers up. 


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