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Comment Below: The Show You Make Us Write

What happens when you lock two people together in a room for 30 minutes to write a show based on 10 pieces of nonsense commented somewhere on the internet? Exactly what you’d think.

This is Comment Below, the show where The Black Sheep takes your comments from Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, throws them in a bucket, and asks two of its employees to uhhh, make it work somehow. It’s weird, but you’ll like it. 

The show’s debut episode features Mike, the Director of Media who insisted on wearing a pink wig, and Colin, the Director of Editorial. With your submissions, they’ve written an episode of a 90s sitcom that they forgot to give a title.  They’re headed to Burt and Ernie’s wedding, and they need a gift. Oh, and Buff Garfield is there too. Watch below to see what kind of trouble they get themselves into:

If you want a chance to have your submissions featured in upcoming episodes, here are the rules:
1.) Submit your comments below the most recent episode of the show, or tweet them to @theblacksheep99. These can be phrases, suggestions for props, pictures, sound bytes, or whatever else your devious little brain can come up with. 
2.) 10 comments per week will be chosen from 10 different people.
3.) You can submit as many comments as you like! 
4.) If we choose your comment, we’ll feature your name in the episode and you can tell all of your friends you’re, like, famous and stuff. 

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