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5 Reality TV Spin-offs that Capture Life at Cornell

For non-students, Cornell University can be a curious place that is a bit of a mystery. What do these Ivy League students do all day? Study? Cry into textbooks? Well, here are some reality show spin-offs that would show the world exactly what Cornell is about, and how unimpressive its students can be.

5.) Not Keeping Up With The Prelims:
Although classes began merely days ago, Cornell students can already feel the pressure of getting ready for the prelims that will spring up out of nowhere. Non-Cornell students will see behind the scenes of prelim stress such as hours of gossiping in Mann Library, talking trash about professors, and deciding which shoes to wear during the unavoidable walk of shame back home after failing a prelim.

4.) 19 L’s and Counting:
Depending on what year the students are, this will vary, but consider this as 19 L’s since last Thursday. In this show, Cornell students would happily discuss how their Cornell family is the only thing keeping them from aggressively throwing their $180 textbook into a gorge. The moral of this reality TV show would be that no matter how old you get your L’s will continue to soar. The only think stopping you is your own success.

3.) Say Yes to the Horribly Organized Schedule:
Allow other non-Cornell students to see the pain and anguish of schedule planning because the required classes are always at a horrible, unmovable time. Cornell students can let their professors know that they are in an 8:40 a.m. not by choice. The purpose of the show would be to see who can agree to the least organized schedule in the history of Cornell. Then reminisce over how you thought you would be able to choose your own college schedule when you were in high school. Hooray for more freedom, right?  

2.) Survivor:
This title doesn’t even need to be changed because it is still relevant to the Cornell experience. Give viewers an up close and personal view into how competitive the competition at Cornell could be. Use this as an excuse to give out the wrong answers or wrong way to solve a problem. Any person, all for themselves, right? That’s how to survive the Ivy League, simply by beating the curve and giving up on being a decent person.

 1.) So You Think You Can Make It To Your 8:40 a.m. Without a Bus Pass?:
This would be for students who are not freshmen but are debating on forking over the $170 for that bus pass. Would it be worth it? The competition would begin by seeing who would eliminate themselves after merely a week of struggling up the slope. See who, if any, can make it to the end of the semester without cracking and buying a bus pass. The winner will get a bike which will be more useless than legs.

While these shows do not exist, it would be beneficial to show prospective and current students how hard and dramatic life can be at Cornell. It would be a reminder that no matter how privileged you are, it is always necessary to complain and make a show about it.

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