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Cornell Homecoming in 5 Pie Charts

Cornell homecoming is an amazing time when students are free to share their Cornell spirit and attend free events. It’s also the only time in which students actively attempt to attend a football game. Here are some universal thoughts about Cornell homecoming—in pie chart form.

5.) When Cornell students care about Cornell football games:

“When is the first football game?”
“I don’t know but at least we can pretend to care when we go to the homecoming game.”

4.) What Cornell students are most excited about for homecoming:

Hint: It’s not forgetting responsibilities and day drinking

3.) Cornell’s hatred for Brown (or whoever else we are playing during the homecoming game):

The best part of being a part of homecoming is joining together with the Cornell community and shitting on whoever we’re playing.

2.) What Cornell students Snapchat during the homecoming game:

*Que shaking camera at the Foster the People concert*

1.) What Cornell students wear to the homecoming game:

Drink every time you see a homecoming shirt turned crop top.

In conclusion from this data, we can guarantee that most Cornell students will be drunk, Snapchatting, and wearing free t-shirts this homecoming weekend. 


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