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5 Teams to Root for during March Madness Since Obviously Cornell Isn’t Involved

Of course, the Ivy League lives up to the reputation of not being the best at sports and Cornell is no exception. Cornell, sadly, did not make it into the March Madness tournament. Now, Cornell students are left to find a different team to cheer on. Fear not, here are five teams you can cheer for because your beloved Cornell basketball team didn’t play well enough.

5.) Bucknell:
Sure. It’s not a team that is as high profile as Kansas or Kentucky but it rhymes with Cornell. Therefore, you can feel as if you are cheering on the Big Red. Best part? You don’t even have to buy new fan gear! Simply cross out “Corn” and replace with “Buck.”

4.) Villanova:
Or you can play it safe and go for the team that won the 2016 tournament and pretend as if you’ve been a fan for years. They won one year. They can win again. Right? Choose this team to avoid looking like you’re simply going for the teams that win, that’s why you are going for Villanova and not North Carolina.

3.) Syracuse:
It’s near Ithaca. It’s been there for you as a place to fly out of Ithaca, you can throw your support out there for ‘Cuse. Plus, if they win the first round they will beat Arizona State so it’s a win-win situation.

2.) Gonzaga:
Gonzaga is consistently good at basketball and has a funny name so this will be the team you will go for if you want some variation in the reason to why you are rooting for a team. Plus, you’ve probably heard of Gonzaga and since Cornell isn’t around to root for, you might as well pick a school that sounds familiar.

1.) UPENN:
Finally. You can show your Ivy support by cheering on UPENN then go back to relentlessly trashing each other through the Facebook meme pages. Although unlikely they’ll make it through the first round, all that matters is that they beat Harvard for a spot in the tournament. In this world, that’s what truly counts.

So, there are the five teams you should cheer for during the March Madness tournament because Cornell did not play basketball well enough. Maybe next year Cornell won’t disappoint us.

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