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5 Tips to Seducing a Stranger in Mann Library

Mann Library is notorious for being the “social library” in which students go to feel as if they are studying but in reality, they’re watching YouTube videos or napping. This means it is the perfect place to pick up that cutie you spotted across the Ag Quad. Here’s how to do it:

5.) Spot your target:
Or maybe don’t call them a target. However, knowing who you are after is key to beginning the journey. Stay focused because if you get distracted they could disappear behind a bookshelf or into the bathroom. If this happens then you may never find them again.

4.) Camouflage yourself but be sure to wear an orange vest:
You want to remain unnoticed until the very last moment so be sure to dress up like a chair that way you can sneak around the study area without drawing attention to yourself. But be sure to wear an orange vest that way other competitors will know to stay away.

3.) Outsmart your target:
Again, probably don’t call them a target but make sure your target is blinded by your wit and stealth. When you finally introduce yourself be sure to make as many puns as possible and be sure to mention Rick and Morty that way they know who they’re dealing with.

2.) Mention how many BRBs you have left:
Only use this if you have over 200 left. If you can still buy food with your BRBs at the halfway point in the semester then that is pretty impressive. This means that you are responsible, financially stable, and looking to buy someone some Trillium food.

1.) Airdrop Cornell memes to their computer:
Meme stealing is a favorite American past time so be sure to show them your stellar taste in comedy. Download memes from the Cornell meme page and Airdrop it straight to their computer. That way they can be prepared for when you spam their phones with memes you stole from Twitter.

If you are alone and single then you won’t be after using these 5 tips. Results may vary.

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