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5 Ways to Get Kicked Out of Level B

We all love a good night out, and there’s no better place to drink than Level B—fishbowls, right? And although Level B is a good time, there’s such a thing as having too good a time, especially when taking things too far will get you kicked out. Below are the top five ways to get yourself kicked out of Level B.

5.) Not paying your tab:
This might seem like an obvious one, but as broke college students already paying Cornell all their money, it needs to be said. Make sure you have enough money to pay the tab before you go out for the night so you don’t end up offering to pay the bartender in your stress and tears when the time comes.

4.) Stealing the glasses:
While glasses and cups can be expensive to buy yourself—again, broke Cornell student—and the martini glasses and copper mugs they have at the bar are just so cute, getting caught taking them will result in a one-way trip out of the bar. However, if you can smuggle one of the fishbowl glasses out of Level B without getting caught, props to you.

3.) Practicing your juggling skills:
Even though you might be feeling ready to share your talent with the world after a few shots of vodka, the rest of the bar probably thinks your hidden talent should stay hidden. And when you inevitably drop one of the fishbowls you’re trying to juggle, chances are good you’ll be escorted out of Level B.

2.) Using someone as target practice:
Stealing all the olives from the bar is a no. Using those olives to try and whack the jerk who’s been hitting on you all night in the head is even more of a no, even if you think he really deserves it.

1.) Venting to the bartender:
This is probably the fastest way to get kicked out of Level B. Drunkenly telling the bartender that your GPA is in the shitter and that your mom never loved you between sobs is a surefire way to make someone uncomfortable in addition to getting you kicked out

Bar etiquette isn’t that difficult to follow. If you behave yourself, you can stay. And nobody likes that obnoxious guy who can’t control himself. Moral of the story, don’t be that guy.


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