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6 Places You Are Guaranteed to Find Cornell Prefrosh During Cornell Days

Cornell Days are in full swing and the sidewalks are flowing with prospective students touring the Ivy streets of Cornell University. Although nearly everything on Cornell’s campus is historical, famous, or expensive, these are the top-tier locations you are sure to find a plethora of prefrosh unenthusiastically posing for another picture for their mom’s Facebook.

6.) The Dairy Bar:
No self-repeating future Cornellian will pass up on an opportunity to get famous Cornell Dairy ice cream. Let them enjoy the beauty, because this will be the only time that 85% of these people will make the day trip up to the Dairy Bar, considering its highly inconvenient distance from where people actually spent their time at Cornell, minus the food science and animal science kids.

5.) The Cornell Store:

The place for purchasing Cornell fan merch, here you will find future Cornellians buying Cornell themed shirts, water bottles, and hats for the purpose of “casual bragging” for when they return to their high school. You can’t outwardly tell the world that you got accepted into Cornell, but you can let a Big Red hat tell the world for you. Also be sure to look for moms buying “Cornell Mom” shirts, because bragging isn’t just for accepted students. 

4.) In Front of McGraw Tower:

The pride and joy of Cornell, McGraw Tower or as the locals call it, Bingalee Dingalee. You will see many students getting their pictures taken in front of this structure that represents what it means to be a Cornell student. The journey to the top is long, hard, and you constantly curse yourself for making the decision to climb it, but the view is nice. 

3.) Tower Road:
This is where you will have to creatively time how you are going to walk around tour groups without getting hit by a TCAT bus. This is where drivers have to be especially careful because no one actually cares that jaywalking is a crime. This is where you see current students riding their bikes as if that is a regular occurrence at Cornell. Hopefully the tour guides mention that there are only about two months where you can successfully ride your bike without freezing to death.

2.) North Campus:
The welcoming point for all of the new faces. Here you will be stopped for directions and asked questions about the buildings that you have no idea how to actually answer. If you’re asked about the living situation just smile and say that not having air conditioning isn’t a crime because it is only useful for about twenty minutes the day you move in.

1.) The Slope:

The guides will conveniently ignore the students who have fallen asleep with their hands still in typing position on their computers. Be sure to look for the poor souls who decide to walk down the slope severely underestimating the incline and the mistake they made. Maybe us experienced Cornellians can stop this tragedy from occurring. 


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