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6 Things We Won’t Miss About Cornell During Winter Break

Winter break is finally here! Here we’ve compiled a list of things you will NOT miss about Cornell over the break. Use as study motivation as needed.

6.) Walking Everywhere:

This campus is gigantic, and whoever said you can cross it in 15 minutes was just fucking lying. We don’t know if they held the world record for the World’s Longest Legs, or not, but it’s just cruel to the out-of-shape mortals here at Cornell who have to compete in a marathon each morning they are late to class. 15 minutes is possible if you know the bus system really well and/or start training with Usain Bolt. The only real 15 is the 15 pounds of muscle all of us are packing on by walking everywhere. It will just be refreshing to get home and grow too lazy to crawl down the stairs for food. The way it should be. 

5.) Dining Hall Food:

When we first arrived it was cool because we could eat Cornell Dairy ice cream to our heart’s content but now it’s too cold, and we just don’t have the time for dessert, or talking about dessert, or getting dinner… shouldn’t you be studying for a final? Anyway, we will not miss standing line for food that we don’t even know if we like, we just know that we need to eat it. It’s costing you a lot of money. RPCC brunch is good, but it’s not that good.

4.) Waking Up for Your 8:40:
The MAIN reason lectures are full the first week of class but then drop in attendance by 50 percent because no one wants to crawl out of bed. It’s going to be freakin’ awesome to sleep for 40 hours on the floor of your parents’ living room. We will not miss forcing ourselves to rise from the dead after a studying for a prelim all night. If any relatives would like to see you then they can kindly come back halfway through vacation.

3.) The Curve:

Cornell is really hard. So we have to actually really study. The good news is that soon winter break will come and we can let our brains turn to mush by binge watching our TV shows “guilt-free.” We won’t even need to pick up a book! Do new, random, unproductive activities each day then realize that Christmas is already here and the fall semester went by quicker than the car that almost hit you while crossing Tower Road. 

2.) Forming Strong Bonds with People by Suffering:
The strongest friendships are the ones formed over suffering. This is how we make friends and no one can deny it. We, as Cornellians, find comfort in each other’s pain because then we have the reassurance that we are not the only person failing everything. We find comfort in knowing that someone else is miserable too. It’s not the friendships we won’t miss…but the pain of Cornell.

1.) Paying for Everything:

You know it in your heart that you are sick of buying the things you need like dish soap and laundry detergent. The good news is that since your parents missed you so much, they will probably buy you things when you get home. Now is the time to realize that you need a mini vacuum and next semester’s tuition. 

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