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7 Pie Charts to Answer All Your Questions About Cornell

Life at Cornell is a busy time, so it’s not like you have time to read anything. But, you do have time to look at pretty pictures, and hey–graphs are pretty pictures! Here’s 7 of them that’ll help answer life’s most difficult questions.

Why is attendance so low?


Because sometimes, a degree isn’t worth frostbite.

What happens to all the money?


Disclaimer: we are unsure if chimes actually get replaced, but it seems like a thing that would cost money and be really important to Cornell.

What is everyone doing in Libe Café?


We say we go there to study, but we really go to people watch and judge.

What do people do when they leave Cornell?


Please reference our sexy alumni piece for more information on the ”other” category.

What do Cornellians post on Social Media?



Where do Cornellians come from?


Diversity is the true cornerstone of our university.

What do students really think about when they study?


Actually, Genghis Khan conquered most of Eurasia without any kind of degree. Word of advice: drop out now and possibly rule the Eastern Hemisphere/ spread your seed throughout the great plains of Mongolia and beyond!


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