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8 Fun Things To Do In Ithaca Regardless Of The Weather

Ithaca weather has been fluctuating harder than prelim scores, but time is precious for Cornell students. So, here’s a list of fun activities to do whether it’s 70 or 7 degrees outside.

8.) Get on a random TCAT bus and see where it takes you:
This is a fun game to play on weekdays, because you’ll be able to spend your time laughing at all of your classmates walking to the very classes you’re avoiding. And, it doesn’t matter if it takes you to the middle of nowhere, because we’re all already there! 

7.) Go to the Cornell Cinema:
See some movie you’ve seen 33 times. This activity is particularly useful when it’s cold because the cinema is always a sauna, so you’ll be toasty warm. Hot tip: Continue to pretend that you’re cold so that you can snuggle up to the random person next to you. This is completely normal and socially acceptable.

6.) Throw your parties at Okenshields:
We know, we know. But hear us out. It’s right on central campus, therefore you can go all night on a Tuesday and end up near where you need to be the next day. Another bonus: their playlist is always fire and you’ll be too plastered to realize the food sucks. 

5.) Camp out in the libraries:
Just bring a blanket and pillow and pretend you’re just studying for prelims so that you don’t feel bad about having no friends. Casually leave a book open next to you so that everyone knows you were being productive, but you had to catch a few Z’s before trudging on. Really sell it, you don’t want people to know that you were too afraid to walk through the tundra to the bus stop. 

4.) Stay in bed:
This old gem works regardless if it’s cold or warm. Just take a day to lay in bed and make memes about all of the other Ivies not working as hard as Cornell. It doesn’t matter because you’ll get the same score on your prelim if you were to piss the day away rather than study.

3.) Play indoor volleyball and get annoyed when you have to share the court:
You’ll have a ton of fun doing a physical sport, even though there is never a damn court open. At least you’ll have fun chasing the loose volleyball that was spiked into a nearby basketball game because none of your friends are coordinated. 

2.) See Gucci Mane on March 26th:
We’re finally getting a concert worth tattooing a Cornell Dairy ice cream cone on your face. Get lit on Sunday and don’t regret it. A crowded room with a lot of people will surely keep you warm and uncomfortable. Depends on how lit you actually are if you regret this or not.

1.) Leave Ithaca. Heck, leave Cornell:
The quickest way to escape the confusing weather is to drop out of Cornell and just go home. It’s better and easier to run from the weather and your problems. 


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