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Cornell Anatomy Most Students Have Memorized by Now

Cornell is a big university with many wonderful qualities. Sometimes it can be difficult to know all the places and quirks of such an institution, but here are a few sketches of Cornell anatomy, of important items in our Cornell culture, that most students have memorized by now.

5.) Cornell Dairy ice cream:

Go ahead, this campus is work. You deserve it.

4.) A Cornell engineer:

Topics to avoid talking about with an engineer: future careers, prelims, work, and leaving the library.

3.) The TCAT bus:

A machine you rely on to get to class on time but is always full when it really matters.

2.) Bingalee Dingalee:

The majestic tower that plays only the Harry Potter theme song and the Alma Mater.

1.) Your Cornell ID:   

Ah yes. Your Cornell ID, which you forgot and are now locked out of your dorm.

With these small anatomically correct charts you will be able to identify these staples so the Cornell community in such a way that Martha Pollack would be proud.


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