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Top 5 Cornell Buildings Ranked by Their Vending Machines

So you’re exploring north campus at 3 a.m. desperately thinking that Louie’s might still be open, to no avail. Options are limited, but Cornell does have vending machines in every residential building–you just have to explore. Here are the top 5 Cornell buildings based off their vending machines. 

5.) High Rise 5:
Though it has an awesome Skylounge, High Rise 5 isn’t the best place to visit for a late-night snack trip. The vending machines are often either broken or void of anything good, and that’s not including the old (and incredibly loud) water fountains. If you do somehow manage to get them to authorize your purchase after ten tries, your snack will probably still get caught on the metal wire.

4.) Low Rise 6:
Going into the Low Rises, in general, can often seem like a journey through some sort of labyrinth, but it can sometimes be worth it–the vending machines typically work a decent amount of the time, and the selections are above average in variety and consistency. The machines themselves are also newer, and it shows. Both the snacks and drinks are often kept at solid temperatures.

3.) Balch Hall:
As one of the best residential halls on campus, Balch’s excellent amenities certainly extend to its vending machines–they’re almost always stocked with both snacks and drinks, and the variety is better than your average plethora of Chex Mix and gum. However, you might not want to risk being known as the guy sneaking into an all-female dorm in the middle of the night.

2.) Donlon:
Known more for its social scene, Donlon’s vending machines do almost everything right. They’re close to the entrance, easy to get to, and often have the best selection of the group–you’ll find a host of new snacks that can’t be found anywhere else. The only criticism would be that they sometimes break down, but not nearly as much as some of the other older buildings.

1.) Court Kay Bauer:
Court Kay Bauer is known for its luxury compared to just about every other residential building–the minute you realize that their side stairwell is comparable to the main one of a moderately nice hotel, you’ll see why their vending machines match that trend. Their machines are rarely not working (a luxury at Cornell), always stocked with a solid selection of food and water. And, to top it off, it’s kept continuously at a cool temperature because of the building’s air conditioning.

Maybe you should’ve just ordered something online from Nasties earlier (or tried to adapt to a more traditional sleep schedule early on in life). The options might not always be the best, and the machines might not always be working, but if you’re willing to explore Cornell enough, you’re bound to find some relief for those late-night, or very early morning, cravings.

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