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6 Cornell Gems Freshmen Will Never Know

Another year at Cornell, another class of incoming freshmen. We welcome you, but we also pity you because you’ve missed out on some pretty rad stuff these past few years. It’s not your fault, you can’t help your youth, but it’s safe to say the ships have sailed on these Cornell campus gems.

6.) An Ag quad that isn’t destroyed:
The days of being able to have a picnic on the Ag Quad were over the moment construction began to tear apart the ground and our hearts. Not only is the ongoing commotion making it incredibly difficult to cut across the grass to print a last-minute essay at Mann Library, but it prevents students from sleeping in two minutes later and using the grass as a shortcut to get to class on time. 

5.) The pure excitement of Joe Biden coming to Cornell:
The mad world seemed to be at peace once the students at Cornell found out that Joe Biden was going to be giving the commencement speech at the 2017 graduation. For the first time since the 2016 election, students from all sides of the political spectrum came together to brag that the former VP would be giving the commencement speech on our campus. Cornell Dairy even celebrated with an ice cream in Biden’s honor. Though chocolate chip may not be the most exciting flavor, freshmen will never know how it was once Cornell’s pride and joy.  

4.) Being rated #3 in campus food on The Princeton Review:
Back in the good ol’ days Cornell could be super proud of its food. The Princeton Review had Cornell ranked #3 and we made damn sure everyone knew our ranking. Freshmen will never witness the huge, red banners, hanging loud and proud in every dining hall announcing, “We’re #3!” Now that the school fell to #7, let’s just blame Okenshields.

3.) Gannett Health Services:
Gannett was the quick and dirty name of the health care office known by all students, but once the building was remodeled, it was decided that the name “Gannett” was so last year. The name was changed to Cornell Health and is only known now to insurance companies and freshmen. The older students, however, could never let the name “Gannett” slip into the darkness since they either refuse or forget to call it by its new boring name.

2.) Having to take a taxi instead of an Uber:
Uber was finally introduced to Ithaca, making activities like grocery shopping and lugging your four overfilled bags from the airport much easier. Cornell’s freshmen will never know the experience of having to call a taxi with no other transportation option than the TCAT. Sorry freshmen, you’ll only know the cheap, modern, slightly sketchy, transportation of the 21st century.

1.) Not using the bike share:
The bike share, Big Red Bikes, was introduced last year, and older students will remember the eight-hundred emails received over its ribbon cutting ceremony. Freshmen will never know the inconvenience of not having the option to rent a bike on campus. This is an especially worthwhile service considering bikes at Cornell can only be used on about twenty percent of the campus for about two whole months of the year.

You may have missed out on these campus classics, but who knows what Cornell’s campus will hold in your future, freshmen. Maybe a hot tub or something. 


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