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Cornell Students Exhilarated For Bragging Rights Once Bill Nye Starts His New Show

A well-known favorite to the science community, Bill Nye, is back with Bill Nye Saves the World, a TV show debuting in April. Current students at Cornell are thrilled they’ll be able to brag a fellow alumnus will once again be an influential figure on television.


“I’m so glad he’s going to be talking about science again” says sophomore Anna Lyon as she adjusts her Bill Nye t-shirt, “To be honest, this new show will help our Bill Nye fan club really take off. We hope to gain more members so that we can run down Tower Road chanting ‘BILL! BILL! BILL!’”



Nye’s new show intends to educate the population about numerous topics in science and its involvement in society and politics.


“I’m sure his topics will be very interesting, but I just hope that a bunch of people will Google him to see that he went to Cornell,” says freshman Manny Little, “You know, the school I also attend. Hold up a sec while I tweet about how happy I am that Bill went to Cornell.”


Nye’s new show is intended to release in April, 2017 and will be available to stream on Netflix.


“As if I needed another distraction?” complained Lucy Lily while writing an essay and attempting to binge watch Shameless off of her laptop, “I really need to be on top of my work in April, but I can’t be the only one to not watch Bill Nye’s new show! I’ll be a disgrace to the Cornell community.”


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