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Cornell University Accused of Being “Liberal Snowflakes” After Canceling Classes

Cornell University has canceled classes on March 2, 2018 after receiving several inches of snow. On March 1, 2018, an email was sent to Cornell’s Ithaca campus alerting students and staff that the area would shut down. Many rejoiced but others were not happy.

“I graduated from Cornell in 1986!” said one alumnus, Jane Town in a Facebook comment. “For four years, I battled my way through yards of frozen water and never once did Cornell cancel classes for us! These soft liberal snowflakes are getting babied by the administration. SAD!”

Last year was the first time in 24 years that administration had to cancel for a full 24 hours of class. The campus has now canceled for another full day almost one year later.

“Of course campus should be closed!” Local snow storm activist Mary Lee wrote on her Facebook page. “The students should not have to battle the elements for something as subjective as a GRADE. We need to be SAFE. Also, dump Trump!”

The snow has been steadily falling since early morning and shows no sign of stopping until Saturday morning.

“See it’s snowing a fuck ton out there.” Said another alum, Joe Rich on Facebook. “There’s no such thing as global warming. Duh. Students will be enjoying a SNOW day not a heatwave.”

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