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How to Dress to Impress at a Cornell Frat Party

The days of party themes are behind us unfortunately, and now we have to determine what to wear to Cornell frat parties on our own. Do you go classy? Slutty? Britney Spears? Just how many different types of tank tops are there? If you really want to make a statement, go with one of these mood pieces:

5.) Dining hall t-shirt:
Great conversation starter, nothing says “make out with me” like the grey shirt sporting the Cornell dining logo. Expect interesting conversation starters such as “So what dining hall do you work at?” and “Is that your favorite dining hall?” Hey, at least they’re talking to you.

4.) Pleather jacket that you got thrift shopping:
Where else are you going to wear it? Plus it’s vegan friendly! You have never been on a motorcycle so wearing it on the daily is not an option. Showing up in a weather-appropriate outfit would blow everyone’s mind, so a pleather fracket is really the only way to go. Roll in like the 90s badass you know you are.

3.) Business casual (use the Hotelies as your fashion inspiration):
The perfect way to finna get crunk and practice for that international internship interview you have on Tuesday. Your drunken friends will admire the fact that you look like you have your life together. Just remember to get your button-up shirt ironed and bleached.

2.) Your prom dress:
You paid several hundred dollars for that hunk of fabric so you better find alternative ways to use it. Go big or go home. Classy, elegant, daring, yet fierce. Strut into the party confidently wearing the gown of a goddess. Besides, you look too good in it to only wear it once.

1.) Literally just a bra (a classic):
The ultimate power move. You spent $50 on this sexy lacy bra that has as much coverage as a crop top, and even more support. If you aren’t quite feeling confident enough to go full out topless, throw on a sheer top. Now you’re modest!

Choosing an outfit can be difficult but with these ideas you may just be able to make a fashion statement outstanding enough to get you first rights to the keg.




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