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Ideal Spring Break Locations for Each Cornell College

TGIASB—“Thank goodness it’s almost spring break” is a phrase muttered by a majority of Cornell students as they prepare for a week of fun and blowing off all of their work. Does your ideal Cornell spring break match your college? Find out here.

7.) College of Agriculture and Life Sciences:
These future farmers (or current farmers) are dreaming of trotting off to Texas. Not only is it really, really far from Ithaca, but it’s got cows. Lots and lots of cows. Home sweet home for CALS students ignoring the pressing concern that agriculture is in a swift decline. They can bury the pain of failed prelims by either taking care of animals or corn. 

6.) College of Engineering:
These hardworking souls prefer to stay in Ithaca because the grind never stops for those taking 20-plus credits. These students will not be taking “L’s” when prelim season strikes directly after spring break. Not to mention that they get disoriented if they stray too far from Duffield.

5.) Cornell School of Hotel Administration:
Hotelies are looking to hit up a beach in Florida where they can kick off their business attire and practice smooth smiles on spring breakers. When they aren’t busy networking you can catch these students absorbing the hospitality of Florida hotels while judging them on the quality of their towel folding. 

4.) College of Architecture, Art, and Planning:
These artistic types tend to find themselves somewhere foreign and unique, so, like, Rome. As a place to appreciate fine art and architecture, Rome would be perfect for AAP students. This is where they will fill up their Instagram with flashy pictures of cappuccinos in front of the Colosseum to prove that they truly do have an “artistic eye.” 

3.) SC Johnson College of Business:
These students want to visit Washington D.C. in order to get a full exposure to strong business tactics. A place to take in all of the business deals that occur on a day-to-day basis. A place to see how money is a major influence in society. Oh wait, maybe we meant Wall Street, not Washington D.C. …sometimes we can’t tell the difference.

2.) College of Human Ecology:
These folks also want to hit up a beach, preferably Venice Beach in California. There they can observe the strange behaviors of street performers and watch people get approached over and over to be approved for medical marijuana. The fashion students can observe the outfits of the eccentric beings that stroll down the boardwalk while pretending they themselves are, somehow, not eccentric. 

1.) ILR School: Break?:
ILR students are appalled that Cornellians are even thinking of a break! These students would prefer to go to Washington D.C. in order to fight the power. They would love to spend their time fighting for workers’ rights by attempting to explain the purpose of minimum wage to Republicans who don’t care. They will not be liberated until the rest of the world is liberated! 


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