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5 Places On The CU Campus To Zen Out

CU Boulder is notorious for being one of those universities that just has it figured out. We’re happy, we’re environmentally friendly, and our bodies contain a LOT of THC. While it’s easy to observe the Birkenstocks, Harem pants, and dreads that saturate the Uni, one aspect that reflects it’s true nature is the landscape. All around CU, there are gems that casually shrug, “yeah, we’re straight zen AF- we know.” Here are five of the most zen spots on campus to- ya know- zen out.

5.) That group of trees just south of Duane:

Just looking at this group of trees will open your third eye so hard your lunch comes out the other end. It’s hard to not catch individuals finding themselves nestled in these trees, working on homework and finding themselves. This seems to be a paradox, since its located by one of the most stressful and maze-like buildings on campus. Nevertheless, students will come from all over to sit under these trees and transport to a calming would where deadlines and that dude who didn’t call you back after stealing your PBR’s don’t exist. *Exhale* Negativity out, positivity in.

4.) That colorful pointy thingy:

The colorful glass thingy on top of ATLAS has killer vibes. At night, as the colors on in the glass thingy transition from green to blue to purple to pink to red to white to green somehow, you start to realize that you’re perfectly calm, and also you’re very high and have been looking at the glass thingy for far too long. It’s basically like the glass thingy is a key to a killer meditation. If you’re ever mad, sad, or confused, it might just take a look at this colorful glass thingy to gain perspective and realize it’s going to be ok. After all, you’re in Boulder. 


3.) That spiral staircase on the side of Old Main:

The spiral staircases attached to the side of Old Main seem to serve a purpose centered around aesthetic. In in 1970’s, before the yogis on campus started to do their free classes on Farrand Field or that shitty classroom in the Carlson Gymnasium, they would actually practice beside Old Main. The entrancing and calming aspects of the cascading staircases make a comfortable and welcoming environment for the CU Boulder yoga community.

2.) The geometric yet elegant drainage system sprawling north campus:

This system not only has the pure simplicity of all Boulder architecture, but it is similar to one of the water fixtures in those zen gardens that run through the yards of the millionaires that live on The Hill. This one happened to be ~casually~ covered in grass, making the architecture seem to be part of the environment, making it almost as effortlessly cool as that straight-up model at the bar every Tuesday night.

1.) The casual orb outside of the Engineering Center:

CU Boulder isn’t foreign to having unusual shapes and figures outside of buildings. Not to mention that having this 3-D circle in the absolutely least populated place on campus allows one to sit down, stare at the orb, and think. Usually, someone would associate the this place to be the usual place of misery— mentally and physically— but this one section just outside is pretty nice. The orb is black and shiny, and the afternoon light really gleams well off of its roundness. All of these factors combined with the inevitability that someone is inside, hating their own life, brings nothing but calming thoughts to the observer of the orb.

You’re feeling surprisingly proud of CU, right? We could feel the good vibes surrounding us as we travelled with our dweeby camera from place to place. It’s good to know that amidst all the stress, and sometimes hysterical crying, there are places conveniently next to where you failed your midterms to just ~be with yourself~ PLUS, they’re GREAT spots to smoke weed.

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