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5 Thoughts CU Students Have When Using Canvas For The First Time

CU-Boulder has recently announced that they will be officially switching from Desire2Learn (D2L) to Canvas in Fall 2018. For the semester until then, professors can begin the transition process if they so choose. Naturally, this switch to make CU more mainstream has been controversially received by the buff population. Here are five thoughts every CU student has as they use Canvas for the first time.

5.)” Oooh —— Pretty!”
Every D2L user knows all-too-well the feeling of nausea and abhorrence when logging on for next day’s load of homework. The layout of the Homepage reminds you all too well of 2007, and looking at the “Grades” tab makes you feel depressed even though it says you’re coasting through Intro to Philosophy with a 98%. Jump to Canvas and you can’t help but feel a slight sense of euphoria as you recognize the modern formatting of the site. The font, the vibrancy, the notion that you are in the 21st century is all very overwhelming and exciting. And when you finally realize you’re failing as a CU communications major, you’ll be ecstatic to make that discovery on the new, colorful and contemporary Canvas!

4.) “I Hate Change…”
The move from D2L to Canvas is not drastic by any means. You still have a login, and it’s still just another website letting teachers post homework and interact with you at any time — In other words, they both suck. However, Becky from Psychology is going to insist that she, “just can’t figure it out”. She might even declare that the website is downright “confusing” and “stupid”. On day three, Becky will finally succumb to the difficulty of clicking on vertical tabs as opposed to horizontal ones, and will choose to release her frustration by texting her group chat, “Ugh, I hate change. Just want D2L back!” The text will feature several relatable emojis.

3.) “It still sucks to be a csu ram, okay???”
You were probably just starting to get the hang of Canvas when you learned that it’s also used by Colorado State University. After feeling betrayed by CU, you possibly chanted, “It sucks to be a CSU Ram” whilst looking up how many times the Buffs have won the Rocky Mountain Showdown. These mood-boosting mechanisms coax you into (begrudgingly) welcoming Canvas to Boulder. After thinking, “Fuck CSU,” of course.

2.) “Canvas is New?”
Just outside of the Mile High City are a group of buffs completely unaware of this groundbreaking shift occurring at CU. This ragtag batch of students have been perpetually stoned for the past three years and the fact that they are still enrolled at the University is enough to earn themselves applause. The reason they haven’t noticed Canvas’ newness to CU is because they never once logged onto D2L, as they have been perpetually stoned for the past three years. We commend these heroes and wish them luck in not noticing other mediocre changes happening across the university.

1.) “But Who Cares?”
It would be wrong to not consider the opinion of the nearly 7,000 seniors at CU, and of the nearly 7,000 seniors at CU, none of them give a fuck about Canvas. The Class of 2018 has withstood four years of CU implementing project after new project, and with graduation on the horizon, seniors are not paying attention to a single change being made. Because really,  when you’re leaving the university in a few months, the only new thing worth caring about is the Taco Bell Cantina on The Hill.

Canvas has arrived at CU-Boulder and if you’re one of the lab rats who gets to try it out this semester, be prepared to go through a rollercoaster of emotions, including mild interest, serious loathing, possible confusion — and the main one — indifference. Above all else, though, remember to pay tribute to D2L for being the epitome of CU students’ sufferings over the years.


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