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5 Words That Rhyme With ‘Buffalo’ That Describe Your College Experience

When someone is a Buffalo at CU Boulder, they live with the maximum amount of Buff pride possible, almost as if we’re all eating vegetation and running over coyotes. However, some may have wondered how their lives have actually related to the buffalo experience. Well, here are a 5 clever rhymes with buffalo,sure to make any Buff know that their lives coincide as much with buffaloes as humanly possible.

5.) Rough-alo:
Going to college at the University of Colorado is made up of many blissful experiences, friendships, relationships, and drunk Cosmos munchies, but we all can’t deny the college experience can also be roughalo. It’s roughalo when you remember you had a one page paper casually due that morning when you were on the toilet. It’s roughalo when your strength is tested by celebrating thirsty Thursdays and jersey Tuesdays with an 8 a.m. the next morning. College is just roughalo, but, hey, that’s what it takes to be a Buffalo.

4.) Puff-alo:
It’s assumed that after every one of those roughalo days, every Buffalo just plops down on the couch and proceeds to take a big ol’ puffalo out of their good ol’ bongalo. To be a Buffalo and not regularly puffalo just isn’t the CU Boulder way. Why do you think every stoner says “Puff em up” and not “Buff em up?” In fact, besides beer die and winning at space things, puffing may just be the number one CU Boulder pastime. If you don’t smoke Ralphie’s Nutrients (as we buffs like to call it) puffalo can describe all the times that you failed a test and then had to huff and puff at least 5 miles to get home.

3.) Hands up-alo:
Like we established, life at CU can be roughalo, but a lot of the time being in a place as great as Boulder makes you want to put your hands up-all in praise. Over 300 days of sunshine, a convenient 40 minute drive away from Denver, and a 5 minute drive from the mountains is the reason we all came to this memey town in the first place. Life at CU is too good to not want to dance from the rooftops like we do during St. Patrick’s, or put your hands up in the club and dance because life is too good.

2.) Bluff-alo:
While we all respect the CU Honor Code that hangs on the wall of every class we hate, we’ve all done a little bluffing ourselves. Have you ever told yourself you’d go to The Rec after class? That you’ll wait to smoke until after you’re done with your work? Or maybe that you’ll cook a meal instead of going to T-Bell? As a buffalo, it’s hard to not bluff-alo just a little. Just don’t cheat on your scantron, because we all know there’s a little camera in that plaque.

1.) Scruff-alo:
When one says goodbye to their college years, some could say they become a little less scruffy. College is the time of girls only wearing messy buns and boys not shaving because they think it increases their testosterone that much more (newsflash: your chin looks like an old, frayed toothbrush). Once a buffalo leaves CU they have no excuse to be a scruff-alo. You may as well be promoted to a stuff-alo (a stuffy buffalo who has no reason to hang out with the less superior and smelly scruff-aloes). In years to come; however, you’ll look at your scruffa-lo days and say “huh, I guess I was at my prime when I was a scruff-alo.”

With so many words that rhyme with buffalo in the english dictionary, it was hard to choose just a handful that really resonated with what it means to be a buffalo. If any other words come to mind, please tell The Black Sheep what resonates with your college experience and rhymes with buffalo- we’ll probably ignore it, but it would be cool for you to contribute something to society. As always Buffaloes, stay tuff-alo.

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