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Boulder Bar Faces Feminine Backlash After Abolishing of Ladies Night

Women around Boulder are still mourning the loss of Boulder House and its free drinks on Thursday nights. The Pop Up, the new Boulder House, has ruined this tradition: drinks on Thursday for women are only half off. It now costs money, actual money, to get hammered on a weeknight. A female protester outside of the bar commented, “Who do they think girls are? Dudes?”

Females in Boulder are up in arms about this injustice; to only get $0.77 to a man’s $1.00 is bad- having to buy their own drinks with it is worse. Senior Katie Howard complains, “I work 6 hours a week and get paid $0.33 less for every precious dollar I make. I deserve to have a man get me a drink, okay?”

These women say that a truly progressive city like Boulder should look out for women and closing the wage gap. But wouldn’t it be more equal to have everyone buy their own drinks? Some think so.

Peter Wise states, “It’s not like there’s a dude’s night. And this supposed ‘wage gap?’ Any wage gap is being filled by dudes buying girls way out of their league drinks.”

Fair point, Mr. Wise.

These angry women of Boulder resent men like Wise. They hope to take this case all the way to The Supreme Court, where Justice Mike Gorsuch, lover of all things women, will fight for them. But in the meantime, cheers!

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