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Boulder Man In Crushing Debt After Betting On Buffs Basketball 12 Years Running

Most people have come to accept that sports, really, just aren’t CU Boulder’s thing. But of course, there are still a handful of loyal Boulderites that support CU athletics through thin and thin (because there is never a thick). We can’t help but commend these super fans, but also have to ask, do they ever go too far in supporting the mighty Buffaloes?

After talking to a Boulder area-man who has bet on Buffs basketball to win March Madness 12 years running, Jackson Eller, The Black Sheep thinks so.

For the past 12 years, Jackson Eller has been placing large sums of money on the laughable idea that CU Boulder could win it all in the March Madness tournament. Putting aside CU Men’s Basketball’s own shaky history, betting on any team to take the championship 12 years in a row is  absurd. Given the fact that the Buffs have come nowhere close to winning this championship, TBS was less than surprised to learn the Eller is in intense, soul-crushing debt.

A CU alumnus of ‘93, Eller has been in the Boulder area for nearly 30 years. After 13 years of hard work post-graduation, by 2006 Eller finally felt like he had the funds to follow his dreams- a.k.a. putting all of his faith (financial and spiritual) into a college basketball team. This past season, Eller finally succumbed to his financial woes and lost both his wife and house. When asked to comment on the sad matter, Eller had a surprisingly chipper tone. To put it in his own words, “Coors Event Center is the only home I need”.

Furthermore, when asked if this financial setback would prevent him from betting on the Buffs in the future, Eller was adamant that he’ll continue on this same path for the next 12 years. When asked why, Eller gave a very simple, “Sko Buffs”. It’s hard to argue with that logic, folks.

There was one more aspect that TBS was confused about, and decided not to be shy in confronting Eller about it. After all, why would anyone bet on the Buffs to win March Madness this year when they weren’t even in the tournament? Eller, naturally, had an answer. “It’s March Madness. Anything can happen”. No doubt Eller won’t count the Buffs completely out of the tournament until after tonight’s championship game between Villanova and Michigan.

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