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CU Boulder’s 6 Sexiest Professors

Ranking people on their looks and not their brains isn’t something you should do. Especially if those brains are way better than your brains. But if someone’s got good brains and better looks, well, that’s just not fair. This is all making sense right? Sorry, we’re in English with Dr. Brylow right now and it’s pretty hard to pay attention. Something something here are CU’s six sexiest professors, hopefully you’ve found yourself lucky enough to be in one of their classes before:

6.) Carl Wieman, Physics:


Distinguished physics professor and Nobel Laureate, Dr. Weiman, synthesized, with a team of researchers, the first Bose-Einstein Condensate. He also figured out how to look as alarmingly good looking as the Milwaukee Cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer. Maybe it’s the 70s style glasses or the defined jawline, but Dr. Weiman makes us feel something physics can’t explain. 

5.) Stefanie Johnson, Business:


Business professor and PhD researcher, this woman is all over Harvard Business Review. She even conducted a 2014 study that concluded that attractive women who acknowledge their gender or level of attractiveness were more likely to be rated favorably by job interviewers when applying for positions that are traditionally viewed as masculine. There’s probably something to putting her on a list of sexiest professors buuuutttttt we’re just going to keep plowing forward. 

4.) Thora Brylowe, English:


Besides having a godly Greek name based on the omnipotent and omniscient god Thor, she’s sorta like the female version of Chris Hemsworth, except way smarter and not blonde. As an English professor she’d enjoy that we’re referencing Greek lit but ultimately disappointed that it’s from a garbage movie. Whoops! 


3.) Bud Coleman, Theatre:


Professor Coleman might look like a sexy-but-straight laced politician, but in reality he’s the sexy department chair of the theatre school. Dr. Coleman will take you to see Hamilton then wine and dine you with a 21st century criticism of the staging choreography. Pure. Sex.

2.) Ward Churchill, Bad Boy:


Although no longer a professor at CU due to “research misconduct,” Churchill is still receiving his well-deserved fame as CU’s sexy bad boy. After losing court battle with CU in 2007, Ward hangs outside CU buildings in his leather jacket, leaned up against his Harley, flicking his cigs at the rest of the white-bread professors ‘round these parts.

1.) Tiel Lundy, Libby RAP:


The perfect combo of rebel and MILF, Dr. Lundy is a Libby RAP instructor. So freshmen, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the ride. She has some pretty sweet arm tats that make her even more of a rare commodity. Even her name is mysterious and sexy, but, like, seriously. Freshmen in Libby, keep those eyes peeled.

While we don’t condone ranking people by their looks – lord knows our writing staff ain’t something to write home about – but it does help our ADD-riddled minds pay attention when the professor is someone you’d awkwardly avoid eye contact with at the Sink. If we missed anyone, send ’em our way @BlackSheep_CUB

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