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An Interview with Roy Purdy: The Dancing Mannequin Head Guy

18-year-old Roy Purdy has become somewhat of a campus sensation for his hilarious viral videos, many of which feature Roy dancing in various locations on campus, allowing all us Buffs that are too self-conscious to dance in a banana suit in public to live vicariously through him. The Black Sheep was lucky enough to run into him filming one of his videos, and fortunately he agreed to an interview. Here it is:

The Black SheepTell me, who is Roy Purdy- first of all, is that your real name?

Roy Purdy: Yeah. Roy Purdy is my real name. Purdy is kind of a goofy last name, and Roy; it was my great-grandfather’s name, so kind of an old person name. Roy Purdy is a goofy kid who dances a lot and likes to make YouTube videos. 

TBS: I listened to your song “Guac,” by the way, and it’s a fucking banger. Was that shot in King Soopers?

RP: It was shot at a grocery store down the street from my house in Wisconsin. It is by far my most popular song.

TBS: Have you always been doing videos and stuff?

RP: I started filming skate videos in high school, and around freshman year I switched to doing music videos. Less than a year ago I had only 2000 subscribers, but I made a viral video last Halloween and I gained hella followers.

TBS: So what’s it like to be semi-famous?

RP: In my high school, people thought it was pretty cool, but outside of that people don’t recognize me. Like if I tell them what videos I’ve shot they’re like, “Oh I know you,” but people mostly recognize my videos; they don’t recognize me. I just filmed a new mannequin head video on campus and as soon as I put on the mannequin head people started freaking out.

TBS: How did you come up with the mannequin head video?

RP: I saw people going viral for doing the Juju On That Beat dance in random places, so I thought I needed to spice it up. I saw the mannequin head and thought, “This is perfect.” So I ordered one on Amazon.


TBS: Here’s the big question: Are you sober when you make these videos?

RP: I am 100% sober when I make these videos. I get asked that a lot, actually. People ask me what drugs I take all the time. I party on the weekends, but when I film my videos I’m sober.

TBS: Do you know what you’re doing for Halloween?

RP: I’m probably gonna wear the banana suit, because I have it, and also I’m kinda lazy. I could wear the mannequin head, but it’s kinda hard to see, so…

TBS: Do you have any thoughts on the upcoming election?

RP: It’s really…crazy. Definitely going to be an interesting election. This election is so crazy. It’s like they’re fighting between each other, not fighting over issues.  

TBS: Have you seen the meme guy? Ken Bone?

RP:I have seen Ken Bone. He’s a legend.

TBS: Do you like the song “Closer” by the Chainsmokers?

RP:I think it’s funny how everyone in Boulder mumbles the whole song and then when the line, about Boulder comes on, everyone yells it.  

Side note: I heard about this new hotel on the Hill, people are mad, is it gonna wipe out Cosmos?

TBS: Yup. And Dot’s, and No Name Bar, and Bova’s, which I am pissed about.

RP: RIP. I went to Dot’s a few weeks ago. ? ? ? ?

TBS: Do you think you’re a funny guy, or do you just make dope videos?

RP: Nah, I think I’m definitely funny. 

TBS: I think you’re funny. Do you think I’m funny?

RP: You’re… a character.

TBS: Do you have “people?”

RP: It’s just me; I don’t have a manger or anything.

TBS: So you do all your own shit?

RP: Yeah. Like I don’t even have a real cameraman. I just ask random people. Well, random friends. Not just random people on the street.

 TBS: So, do companies send you free stuff?

RP: I’m on my local skate shop team, but other than that, I don’t have any other sponsors. This sunflower seed company though, Chinook Seedery, is paying me to wear their baseball cap in the next mannequin video. So, that’s cool.

TBS: So what’s in store for the next 3 years?

RP: I’m gonna keep making videos, keep making music, ya know, try to grow the fan base.

TBS: Is there anything that you feel like you need to say?

RP: Say what’s up if you see me on campus, invite me to your parties if you want your parties to be lit, and stay saucy.



Instagram: @roy_purdy

Twitter: @roy_purdy

YouTube: Roy Purdy

Soundcloud: ROY PURDY



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