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Milo Yiannopoulos and Laverne Cox Cancel Appearances, Opt to Duel Instead

Today, January 25th, was the scheduled date for two highly anticipated speakers to come to the University of Colorado at Boulder: Milo Yiannopoulos and Laverne Cox. However, after much discussion between CU’s chapters of College Republican’s, Turning Point USA, and the University’s Cultural Events Board and Distinguished Speaker’s Board, it is confirmed that both talks have been cancelled, and the two scheduled speakers will duel instead — perhaps harkening back to 2017’s theme of “Traditional American” ideals. 

In November of 2016 it was confirmed that the university had scheduled Yiannopoulos to speak, resulting in several cases of radical liberals literally bursting into flames. About a month later, it was also confirmed that Laverne Cox was also scheduled to speak at CU – on the same day as Yiannopoulos (we see what you did there). However, as the date for the talks drew near, the organizations who put together the events decided that the way to settle their ideological differences should rise above the petty nature of having two lectures at the same time: violence.

As one member of the Cultural Event’s Board, who requested to remain nameless, put it: “We made a collective decision that a good old-fashioned duel would successfully settle the matter, and release the tension that has been stirring on campus the past few weeks. Everyone these days is all Twitter and Facebook rants, let’s see some action. People shouldn’t have to decide which talk to see, entrenching the political rift on campus, but instead witness the two representative sides just really go at each other.”

Chancellor Philip DiStefano, when interviewed also wanted to share that “…the university understands that nobody really values the exchange of ideas, but rather – they value a blood bath. Hosting a duel on campus does not mean the university endorses violence; however, we do support the occasional battle for honor.”

The duel is scheduled to be a classic joust, taking place on Wednesday, January 25th at 7 pm. It will be held on the field outside of Sewall that has the grody man-made path running through it. Both contestants will be given horses (courtesy of the CU Equestrian Team), and lances as weapons (courtesy of the Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies). There will also be free popcorn at the event as well as a free t-shirt for the first 20 people who arrive. Seating is on a first come first serve basis, and those in the first two rows will be given ponchos.

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