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From The Streets: What Type of Person Would CU Boulder Be?

If CU Boulder became a walking, talking person, who would it be? Any administrator might say that the face of CU Boulder is a hardworking student who accepting of diversity and challenge. Someone from New York may say a stereotypical Coloradan with Chaco’s on their dirty feet with a joint in one hand, and a Solo cup in the other. However, isn’t the most reliable answer of that question going to come from people who actually live here? Well, The Black Sheep went around asking students what they thought of when they had to personify CU Boulder. So, CU students, here is what you are in the eyes of all your peers:


Tylor, Freshman:


“… very white, and rich… They [would] wear Lulu Lemon yoga pants, [and] they wear Uggs and Birkenstocks.”
This CU Boulder character is someone that does appear very often on campus. It shouldn’t be surprise, because studies show that if you own a pair of Lulu Lemons, you have a 90% higher chance of going to CU Boulder, but only a 10% higher chance that you’ll actually do yoga. 


Claire, Freshman:


“…full on hippy. They would have long hair, circle glasses, no shoes, rock climb all the time – typical hippy.”
Go on a walk along Boulder creek and into the woods and you’re bound to find this bunch, either hooping or opening their Chakras through tremendous amounts of meditation. 


Juan, Grad Student:


“A white person – really white, nice, loves the outdoors.”
Take one look at the Boulder Tinder and it can pretty much attest to this statement. 


Brian, Senior:


“Someone who just, like, goes with the flow – you know – dresses however they want, does whatever they want, and – you know – might be wearing some Birkenstocks.”
The masses can’t ignore this fact, though CU seems to fall into many stereotypes, there’s always an “I can do whatever the f*ck I want” attitude that resonates through the campus. Though there is another element of truth in this statement: EVERYBODY owns some Birkenstocks.


Jake, Freshman:


 “… they might have dreadlocks. And of course, their favorite word is ‘Sko’.”


So, judging from the students, CU is some hippy who is somehow able to own clothing that costs outrageous amounts of money, and loves the outdoors. And don’t forget, they have that undeniable trust-fund-baby kindness. However, CU wears Birkenstocks and Patagonia not because they should, but because they want to. CU is a kind person, always accepting of the individuals that may not be like them. CU is the quirky individual you pass on the street wearing patterned pants, with a skateboard in their hand. 


Why do 30 Racks exist? We have a theory:


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