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Theory: CU Online Professor Jane Goodall Is Actually A Chimpanzee

Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist and chimp expert, is teaching an online class for CU this summer. She is famous in her field for 50 years of behavior work with chimpanzees and became quite the meme after she ate bananas with John Oliver. But we have to ask, how is Goodall so good with chimps? Is she Jane from Jane and Tarzan? Is she some Jane Doe found in the woods and reintroduced to humanity? Or is she really….a chimpanzee posing as Jane Goodall? Read on for proof that Jane Goodall is actually one of the very primates she claims to be an expert on.

This is her edited headshot.

But we monkeyed around and were able to uncover the unedited version.

Uncanny. She has been getting away with this for years.

Look at this. Look! It’s like she is one. The lady is her puppet that she uses for her inspiration to appear human, while Goodall herself actually sits in the left of this picture. Further proof: Facebook automatically recognizes the chimp’s face as Goodall and not the mystery woman.

What is her title in this world? A scientist to man and a leader to others. To chimpanzees, she may be more. Creation of God? No! Creation of Jane Goodall!

Even in this primate’s old age, she has risen to become a dominating force among celebrities. The question is, dominating for good or evil? Rumor has it Goodall helped with the script of Planet of the Apes as an expert on how primates could actually take over the world.

Remember that kind old lady eating bananas with John Oliver? Yeah, this is the unedited version. The proof is in the way she eats the banana like a true, banana-eating chimp.

You have been warned. If you take her class and miss an assignment, expect angry chest thumping, loud primal sounds, and the flinging poo. This undisputable evidence shows that Jane Goodall is not a chimpanzee expert, but just a damn chimpanzee.


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